Growing with SEO: Tips for the banking and financial services industry

Growing with SEO: Tips for the banking and financial services industry

Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is the right choice because it can help generate more leads and provide a more favorable result as opposed to other traditional marketing tactics. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing play a very important role in the digital marketing strategy of any company in the banking and financial services industry, whether a bank or credit union. It’s possible to reach an enormous audience and allows people to get to know you personally, which in turn creates brand loyalty.

If you’re looking for new ways to attract people to your business, SEO could be the ideal solution. When people are searching for personal loans or a financial advisor, they won’t go directly to your website. They’ll type whatever they want to find out in the search engine and check what comes up in the results. If your site doesn’t show up, you won’t get a lot of traffic. That’s why you must optimize for SEO. These days, every company needs some kind of exposure. If you don’t catch up with modern times, you’re bound to be left behind.

So, how do you secure a top position on the first page of organic search? Well, if you’re curious to find out, please continue reading. We’ll discuss a few strategies that can help achieve the desired results.

Find out what keywords your customers are using

Keyword research must be performed before taking further action. Take as much time as necessary to find out what keywords your customers are using to search for the products or services you deliver. People are the best source of information, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them at trade shows or similar networking events. Equally, you could ask your sales team what words people used to explain your offering. The simplest way to find out how people come across your website and what keywords they’re using exactly is through analytics.

Examples of keywords that you can use in your digital marketing campaign include “banks near me” and “personal loans in India”. Web searches typically involve a phrase of 4 or more words – long-tail keywords, in other words. If you insist on using short-tail keywords, you risk losing attracting people who are more interested in what you have to offer. To find out how well your site ranks for the keywords you’re targeting, you can use a keyword rank checker. This neat tool helps you detect the position of your website or URL in the search engine for a given keyword.

Never ever try to include keywords where they don’t sound natural. Search engines, Google, in particular, don’t like keyword stuffing. Not only will your site be considered spammy but also you won’t rank high in search results. Include your keywords in the page title and a few times in the text. Keyword optimization is an ongoing process, which means that you must use different ones than you did before.

Create quick, informative content

Content creation is a good way to ensure that you can strategically use your keywords. This helps compete with other companies from the banking and financial services industry. It’s important to select the best queries to write and optimize your content around. Use primary keywords, secondary keywords, and additional keywords. The primary keywords represent the focus of the article, so make sure the tile and content reflect that. For instance, if your primary keyword is “small business loans covid”, you have to write a really good piece of content about how banks make lending decisions during the pandemic.

You can write about anything you want as long as the content is informative. Consider starting a blog on your site and publish weekly posts about finance. You could write articles answering common questions. For instance, you could discuss the various types of bank accounts and who they’re aimed at. What you need to understand is that valuable content can positively propel your digital advertising initiative. Produce long-form content on a regular basis and you’ll significantly increase your chances of ranking high in the search engine results. High-quality content will impress site visitors and increase brand recognition.

Link to high-quality external sources

In case you didn’t already know, building and earning links is the essence of every SEO strategy. Make an effort to get hyperlinks pointing to your homepage or any other page on your website. Outbound links help search engines better understand your niche and can even increase trust in your website. The point is that if you regularly link to reputable sites, your business will be viewed in a more positive light. If you improve your website’s outbound ranking, you’ll improve traffic and site authority. Search engines view outbound links as third-party votes, meaning that your website is indeed worth linking to. You experience more brand visibility,

Outbound links will negatively affect your SEO ranking only if you link to spammy websites or become involved in excessive link exchange. Needless to say, not all external links are created equal. Make sure that the source you’re deploying is credible and, most importantly, is relevant to the page you include the link in. linking to your competitors would be a great mistake. Why? Simply because you’ll be driving away some of the business. If you come across valuable content that belongs to your competitor, make note of it and cover a similar topic yourself.

Finally yet importantly, optimize your Google My Business listing. Provide necessary information, such as business address, hours, and reviews. When a new listing is created, a Google Maps location is generated, synchronizing with the search function to ensure ease and accessibility. Keep the Google My Business listing up to date and don’t frustrate customers by providing inaccurate pictures. If you need help with your digital marketing efforts, require help from a professional agency. SEO for the banking and financial services industry has become more intricate and you may not have that finesse. You can achieve great results by applying basic principles, but don’t hesitate to reach out to professional help.

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