Google’s GPhone - A Phone Or An ‘Operating System’?

GPhoneIt’s been the buzz of the blogosphere for last few months - the much-awaited launching of a Google mobile phone - with industry watchers haunting over incessant hearsays and supposedly leaked effigies of the legendary phone.

Google has declined to reassert any further plans for the GPhone

But at the moment it looks that the so-called 'iPhone killer' could be one of the most hyped non-devices in record.

Apple Plays iPhone Card Well

Apple iPhoneApple is certainly playing “iPhone” card and it is playing perfectly well. The best thing about Apple Inc.'s iPhone launch games is the way it is handling its marketing.

The company first unveiled the music playing iPhone in January, then came a mysterious teaser commercial for it during the Academy Awards six weeks later, and then came out a little few other details.

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