Apple Plays iPhone Card Well

Apple iPhoneApple is certainly playing “iPhone” card and it is playing perfectly well. The best thing about Apple Inc.'s iPhone launch games is the way it is handling its marketing.

The company first unveiled the music playing iPhone in January, then came a mysterious teaser commercial for it during the Academy Awards six weeks later, and then came out a little few other details.

Just a last couple of weeks Apple let the cat out of the bag when people really learnt from television commercials about iPhone that has become the most talked-about product of the year.

This working well suspense-building marketing strategy has created a buzz around the iPhone that is set to hit stores on June 29.

According to the advertising experts, the minimalist campaign will burnish Apple's reputation as a master at promoting its brand and products.

Kelly O'Keefe, executive education director of the Virginia Commonwealth University's Adcenter, said, “One of the intelligent things they've done with their advertising on this is they understood they didn't need to let the advertising get in the way of the product,"

"The product itself is innovative enough that demo-ing it on the ads is enough to generate excitement," he added.

"They want to be as disruptive by their absence as by their presence so they're happy to have this discussion go on ad nauseam in the media," said Yankee Group cell phone analyst John Jackson. "This is all a big part of the branding exercise for these guys. We're pawns in the Apple brand game," He said.

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