New GSM players will not last more than three years: Mittal

Indian Industry President and  Bharti Group Chairman and CEO, Sunil Mittal

XL Telecoms reveal plans to enter Power Generation Sector, Stock up 5%

Hope for rare Iberian lynx after new population sighting in Central Spain

Washington, Oct 24 : Scientists in Spain claim to have discovered a previously unknown population of the Iberian lynx. They say the find raises hope that one of the world’s most endangered cat species is not that close to extinction.

“We are excited and amazed by this discovery,” said Luis Suarez, head of WWF’s Species Program in Spain.

“However, we are a long way from saving the Iberian lynx from imminent extinction,” Suarez said.

According to a WWF report, the new population was discovered in the previously un-surveyed estates in Castilla - La Mancha (Central Spain).

This Iberian community is one of the most sparsely populated of Spain's autonomous communities.

US films have become ‘infantile’: Almodovar

Washington, September 21 : Spanish director Pedro Almodovar has said that the quality of films made in the US today has diminished a lot as compared to the ones made before the 1960s.

He said that while the standard of movies across the world had diminished due to crisis of creation, American flicks were falling in terms of quality.

"It's difficult to make a movie anywhere in Europe now. There is a general crisis of creation,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.