After beards and vulgar music, Taliban now guns for “unIslamic”media, banking

Lahore, Apr. 30 : After banning NGO's , cable TV and music shops in the region, the Swat chapter of the Taliban has now warned of carrying out `reform' of journalism and the banking system in the Valley.

Taliban's Swat chapter spokesperson Muslim Khan said the Taliban's next target would be the banking system "where un-Islamic affairs are being carried out."

Khan warned media persons in the valley saying they would be punished according to the sharia for presenting a wrong picture of the outfit infront of the world.

"The Taliban would take action against the people who are trying to conceal facts by publishing and broadcasting false reports," The Daily Times quoted Khan, as saying.

Shoot-on-sight orders issued in Karachi

Shoot-on-sight orders issued in KarachiLahore, Apr. 30 : The Pakistan Government has issued shoot-on-sight orders for `miscreants' in Karachi to counter the deteriorating law and order situation in the city.

State Minister for Ports and Shipping Nabeel Gabol said certain elements were trying to create trouble in the region by fanning ethnic tension.

Gabol said these forces were trying to sabotage the PPP, ANP and MQM coalition in the province.

Taliban demolishes Sikh properties in FATA for failure to pay ''protection fees''

Islamabad, Apr.

Obama "gravely concerned" about situation in Pakistan

Obama "gravely concerned" about situation in PakistanWashington - US President Barack Obama said he was "gravely concerned" by the situation in Pakistan and expressed fears about the fragility of a civilian government struggling to contain the growing Taliban insurgency.

Obama said the Pakistani government lacked the ability to provide basic services for its people and promised the United States would do all it could to build up its institutions.

Is Radio Pakistan trying to influence Indian elections?

Is Radio Pakistan trying to influence Indian elections?Abohar, April 29: A question that is being asked here is whether Radio Pakistan’s Punjabi Durbar programme will be questioned by the Indian Election Commission for conducting campaigns.

The Punjabi Durbar programmes have been making allegations critical of the United Progressive Alliance Government of India for ‘neglecting minorities’ in the country.

Everyone here is aware that India is known around the world for its multi-religious, secular and democratic set up.

Suspected US airstrike in Pakistan kills at least six

Suspected US airstrike in Pakistan kills at least sixIslamabad - A suspected US missile strike in Pakistan's troubled South Waziristan tribal district near Afghan border on Wednesday killed at least six people, officials said.

Two missiles, believed to have been fired from a US-operated Predator drone, hit a house in Kani Goram area of the district, a known safe-haven of Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters.