Quetta based Taliban leaders move to Karachi, Peshawar fearing drone attacks

PakistanPeshawar, Apr 30 : A large number of Taliban leaders have shifted from Quetta to Karachi, Peshawar and other cities and are maintaining a low profile fearing fresh US drone strikes.

Taliban leaders after discussing in detail the situation, caused by recent threats of drone attacks by the United States, United Kingdom and other allies, have decided to vacate Quetta with immediate effect, sources have said.

The sources said that majority of the top leaders have shifted to Karachi, Peshawar and other areas of Pakistan and are now living in a low profile.

The Nation quoted sources as informing that Taliban leaders are under tremendous pressure of “certain friends to have ‘understanding’ with both Iran and China.”

Moreover, Taliban leadership has intensified efforts for collecting maximum donations from their Arab world well wishers and in this respect Maulvi Hamdullah has been made Taliban representative for the Gulf region.

Taliban supreme leader Mullah Muhammad Omar Akhund has written letters to around one thousands well wishers and philanthropists asking them for funds. Most of these well wishers belonged to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Maulana Hamdullah is considered amongst the most confidential aide to Mullah Omar since 1994. He had been heading the Finance Department in Qandahar during Taliban’s rule from 1994 till November 2001.

Meanwhile, Taliban leadership has also announced posting of Maulvi Qudratullah Jamal as Liaison Officer for the well wishers and friends throughout the world.

The Taliban leadership has also posted Maulvi Muatasem as head of Finance Committee, Maulvi Abdul Kabir as head of political Affairs Committee, Maulvi Aminullah as Commander for Orazgaan province, Amir Khan Mutaqqi as head of Culture and Information, Mullah Jalil as head for Interior Affairs and Mullah Baradar as special aide to Mullah Omar.

The sources informed that purpose of this reshuffling is to stimulate Taliban activities all over Afghanistan. (ANI)