‘Pak Army fears disintegration if it counters Taliban seriously’

PakistanLahore, Apr 30 : The Pakistan Army is afraid that its entire force would disintegrate if it orders the rank and file to fire and counter the Taliban in a more serious manner, according to a senior Obama Administration official.

Bruce Riedel, who chaired the Obama administration’s recent review of policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan, expressed concern about whether the Pakistani Army would be willing to kill large numbers of Taliban militants.

Taliban leaders had faked a withdrawal from Buner to impress the media and the peace deal with the government in the Swat valley was also a trick, he added.

Meanwhile, Pakistani Army’s spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said the operation against around 500 Taliban could take a week.

The Obama Administration is considering expediting aid to Pakistan to block militants threatening a cluster of strategic installations.

The US has proposed giving Pakistan one billion dollars in emergency aid and 1.5 billion dollars a year in economic aid annually for five years. (ANI)