Suicide attacks kill three police in southern Afghanistan

AfghanistanKandahar, Afghanistan - Three suicide bombers attacked a provincial governor's office in southern Afghanistan Saturday, killing five policemen and wounding at least three others, officials said. The bombers tried to enter the office of Kandahar governor Saturday afternoon but were stopped by policemen guarding the compound, provincial council head Ahmad Wali Karzai said.

"Five policemen were killed in explosion," Karzai, the younger brother of President Hamdi Karzai, said.

Interior Ministry spokesman Zemarai Bashary in Kabul confirmed the attack and said that three other policemen were wounded.

Five killed, 17 wounded in Kandahar suicide bomb attack

Five killed, 17 wounded in Kandahar suicide bomb attackKandahar (Afghanistan), Apr. 9 : At least five people were killed and 17 wounded when a suicide bomber attacked a police drug eradication unit in southern Afghanistan on Thursday.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident.

The Dawn quoted Helmand Province's Deputy Police Chief Kamaluddin, as saying that the attacker struck the patrol in Lashkar Gah, a major drug-producing area.

Four Afghan civilians killed in roadside bomb explosion

Four Afghan civilians killed in roadside bomb explosion Kandahar - Four civilians were killed and six others were wounded Tuesday when a bomb hit a passenger mini-van in southern Afghanistan, a government spokesman said.

The incident happened in the Jenjar area of Nad Ali district in southern province of Helmand on a road recently frequented by Afghan anti-narcotics forces, Daoud Ahmadi, spokesman for the provincial governor, said.

Only 25 percent Kandahar residents feel safe with Karzai Government

Hamid KarzaiKandahar, Feb. 19 : Only 25 percent of residents of Kandahar feel secure under the Hamid Karzai Government, as against last year's 55 percent, a top Canadian commander has claimed.

"People''s sense of security has absolutely plummeted," Brigadier-General Denis Thompson said while speaking at the end of his nine-month duty-tour.

Thomson cited regular polls conducted by the military in Kandahar since March 2007, but the results were previously kept secret, The Guardian reported.

Ten Taliban arrested in acid attack on female Afghan students

Afghanistan MapKandahar - A provincial governor said Tuesday that Afghan security forces arrested 10 suspected Taliban in connection with an acid attack against 15 girls in southern Afghanistan last month.

"The 10 men were arrested by Afghan security forces in the past week," Rahmtullah Raoufi, governor for southern Kandahar province, told a press conference on Tuesday.

Raoufi said several of the detained men confessed to their crimes and the interrogation was ongoing.

He said each man received about 1,200 dollars from "high-ranking Taliban" allegedly living in neighbouring Pakistan.

Afghanistan's senior-most policewoman assassinated

Afghanistan’s senior-most policewoman, Malalai KakarKabul, Sept. 29: Afghanistan’s senior-most policewoman – Malalai Kakar -- was shot dead outside her home in Kandahar city on Sunday, as she was proceeding for work. Her 18-year-old son, who was driving her to work, was also grievously injured.

A Guardian report said that two gunmen shot Kakar at point blank range.

Kakar, 41, was the head of the department of crimes against women in Kandahar, and had led many police house searches in Kandahar leading to the seizure of arms and drugs.