Afghanistan's senior-most policewoman assassinated

Afghanistan’s senior-most policewoman, Malalai KakarKabul, Sept. 29: Afghanistan’s senior-most policewoman – Malalai Kakar -- was shot dead outside her home in Kandahar city on Sunday, as she was proceeding for work. Her 18-year-old son, who was driving her to work, was also grievously injured.

A Guardian report said that two gunmen shot Kakar at point blank range.

Kakar, 41, was the head of the department of crimes against women in Kandahar, and had led many police house searches in Kandahar leading to the seizure of arms and drugs.

President Hamid Karzai condemned the assassination, as did the EU.

"Any murder of a police officer is to be condemned, but the killing of a female officer whose service was not only to her country, but to Afghan women, to whom Ms Kakar served as an example, is particularly abhorrent," an EU statement said. (ANI)