Oz Army Chief says Afghan war “hasn''t been won by a long shot”

kandhar, AfghanistanKandahar (Afghanistan), Sept 15: Australian Army Chief Lt-Gen Ken Gillespie has reportedly said that the US-led war-on-terror in Afghanistan will go on for long, and that only a sophisticated counter-insurgency campaign can win it.

He said that the Oruzgan province in Afghanistan, where around 750-strong Aussie troops are deployed, has not been won over the years, though there has been an impressive progress.

Six killed, two injured in Afghanistan road blast

afhanistan, kabulKandahar, Sept 8 : At least six people were killed and two injure

Three Canadian soldiers killed, five injured in Kandahar militant attack

Three Canadian soldiers killed in southern AfghanistanKandahar (Afghanistan), Sept. 4 : Three soldiers were killed and five others injured five, when Canadian troops came under direct fire from insurgents here on Wednesday.

Military officials are still investigating how Corporal Andrew Grenon, 23, Cpl. Mike Seggie, 21, and Private Chad Horn, 21, were killed Wednesday as they patrolled the western part of Kandahar city.

Newly-wed couple among 10 killed in Afghan roadside blast

Newly-wed couple among 10 killed in Afghan roadside blast Kandahar  - A bomb ripped through a bus carrying wedding guests in southern province of Kandahar, killing the newly-married couple and eight others, police said Saturday.

The explosion took place in Spin Boldak district, close to border with Pakistan on Saturday morning, Matiullah Khan, provincial police chief said.

"Both the groom and the bride and eight others including women and children were killed in this attack," Khan said, adding that six others were wounded.

Afghan parliamentarian assassinated in southern province

Kandahar/Kabul - An Afghan parliamentarian and a renowned chieftain from the southern Kandahar province was assassinated overnight by unknown gunmen, an official said Saturday.

Taliban may launch ‘more spectacular’ attacks, warns Canadian commander

Kandahar, June 20 : After pushing the Taliban out of the Kandahar City yesterday, a Canadian commander in Afghanistan warned that there may be “more spectacular” attacks from the extremists in the coming months.

“There is no doubt in my mind, however, that further insurgent attacks will take place in the months ahead,” the globeandmail. com quoted top Canadian commander in Afghanistan Brigadier-General Denis Thompson, as saying.

By spectacular attack, the commander referred to last week’s well-planned attack on Sarpoza jail on the western outskirts of Kandahar city, freeing nearly 400 Taliban and
600 other criminals, and thereafter briefly seizing the control of a dozen villages in Arghandab district.