Tata Steel remembers founder J N Tata on his 170th birth anniversary

Tata Steel remembers founder J N Tata on his 170th birth anniversaryJamshedpur, Mar 3 : The employees and senior management of the world''s sixth largest steel company Tata Steel gathered today to celebrate the 170th birth anniversary of its founder - Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata with fervour and gaiety.

The celebrations commenced on March 2 and lasted till March 3 in Jamshedpur.

On this special occasion, the local Jubilee park was illuminated with lights on Monday night, the theme being ''electricity''.

Tata Motors cancels temporary shut down of Jamshedpur plant

Hundred of eunuchs propitiate their deity Gochara in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Dec. 27 : Hundreds of eunuchs from different parts of the country drew big public attention as they took out a procession, dancing on popular tunes in Jamshedpur city on Friday.

These eunuchs had assembled at Jamshedpur to offer prayers to their deity at a colourful event.

Every year these eunuchs gather at different places in the country to offer prayers to their deity goddess ''Gochara'' and take out a procession to celebrate the occasion.

"We perform this ritual annually where we worship our deity... This takes place in several parts of the country... We prayed for the well being of the people," said Najira, a eunuch.

Tata Motors shuts its plant for five days

TATAJamshedpur, Nov 25 : Tata Motors again shuts its commercial vehicle plant in Jamshedpur in Jharkhand for five days amid slowing demand.

The plant, which had already shut for three days from November 6, will be closed again from November 25-29.

The officials of the plant cite the low sales volume as the primary reason for this block closure.

Tata Motors To Halt Production At Jamshedpur For 5 Days

Tata Motors To Halt Production At Jamshedpur For 5 DaysThe Economic meltdown is taking its toll on the automotive market. India's largest vehicle maker, Tata Motors Ltd has announced shutting down of its commercial vehicle plant in Jamshedpur for five days from November 25-29 owing to declined demand.

The Company had earlier shut down the plant from 6 to 8 Nov, with 5 and 9 Nov being weekly company holidays.

Tata Motors stated, "Across the industry, it has been seen in the month of October 2008 that unavailability of finance, coupled with high interest rates is forcing customers to postpone purchases."

India's Tata Motors announces further shutdowns

New Delhi  - Indian auto major Tata Motors plans to shut down its unit in Jamshedpur in eastern India for five days from November 25 due to a slump in sales, news reports said Sunday.

It would be the second time the Jamshedpur plant, the company's main manufacturing facility, is being shut down this month after it was closed for three days starting November 6.

The Tata Motors plant in Pune, in western Maharashtra state, and another plant in Lucknow, capital of northern Uttar Pradesh, have also been shut down for five days each in November, Indian Express newspaper reported.

In October, Tata Motors announced it was reducing its production target by 15 per cent due to slowing demand.