Hundred of eunuchs propitiate their deity Gochara in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Dec. 27 : Hundreds of eunuchs from different parts of the country drew big public attention as they took out a procession, dancing on popular tunes in Jamshedpur city on Friday.

These eunuchs had assembled at Jamshedpur to offer prayers to their deity at a colourful event.

Every year these eunuchs gather at different places in the country to offer prayers to their deity goddess ''Gochara'' and take out a procession to celebrate the occasion.

"We perform this ritual annually where we worship our deity... This takes place in several parts of the country... We prayed for the well being of the people," said Najira, a eunuch.

The event also holds significance as the head of the eunuchs takes on a disciple who is ''married'' to her and takes on her duties after her death.

These eunuchs, who usually earning their living by dancing and singing in public on happy occasions. Though a handful of them have been elected to public office. (ANI)