Tata Motors cancels temporary shut down of Jamshedpur plant

Tata Motors cancels temporary shut down of Jamshedpur plantTata Motors has made announcement that the company has called off proposals to go for another block closure of its Jamshedpur plant. The company official said that the planned block closure from January 12-17 stands cancelled due to changes in production schedules.

Earlier the company had said that it planned another shut down of the plant, which would have been the fourth time in three months as demand of commercial vehicles plummeted. The company had already undergone three block closures of its Jamshedpur plant on November 6-8, November 25-29 and December 8-13.

A heavy slump in commercial vehicle demand had forced the company to undertake temporary block closures of its Pune and Lucknow plants as well. It had closed the Pune CV plant on November 21-26 and December 5-7 and December 29-31.

The Lucknow facility was also ceased on November 10-15 and December 1-4 last fiscal.

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