India, Qatar sign additional protocol on employment regulation of manpower

New Delhi, Nov 20 :India and Qatar today signed an Additional Protocol to the 1985 bilateral Agreement on the Regulation of Employment of Indian Manpower between the two countries.

Seagate Rolls Out 1 TB Hard Disks In Indian Market

sea_gateSeagate has launched its latest 1 Terabyte (TB) capacity hard drives ‘Barracuda ES.2’ and ‘Ba

Mountain terrain cycling gets a boost in J-K

Srinagar, Nov 19 : Adventure sports got a boost in Jammu and Kashmir with about 45 children participating in the Mountain Terrain Cycling event in Srinagar, amidst cheer and applause from the crowd.

The Mountain Terrain Cycling event was organised by Jammu and Kashmir Cycling Association.

The organisers said that the event has received a tremendous response from the beginning, but only few adolescents were allowed to take part in the event as the racetrack passed through tough and dangerous terrain of Zabarwan mountain.

But this time the participants were given proper training before the commencement of the race. The organisers described the championship as highly successful.

Greenpeace holds industrialised nations responsible for global warming

New Delhi, Nov 19 : International environmental watchdog Greenpeace has held industrialised nations responsible for global warming, raising concerns over its impact.

India silent on expelling Pakistan from Commonwealth nations

New Delhi, Nov 19 : India has not taken any definite stand on the issue of expulsion of Pakistan from the membership of Common Wealth Nations ahead of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to Ugand

Musk deer implanted with artificial leg in Kashmir

Poonch (J & K), Nov. 19 : A Musk deer that had lost one of its hind legs was implanted with an artificial leg, thanks to the initiative of local forest officials.

Following the implant, the deer can walk again using all its four legs.

Three months ago the Divisional Forest Officer learnt that a rare breed of stray musk deer was in the Poonch region having one of its legs chopped.

The forest department rescued the deer from the forest. It was given initial medical treatment by a local veterinary doctor. Later, the forest officials contacted Pritam Spiritual Trust, a well-known NGO in the area for help.