Lucid Air sets new delivery record in Q1 2024

Lucid Air sets new delivery record in Q1 2024

Lucid Group Incorporated, an American manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles (EVs) headquartered in the Newark area of California, hit a significant milestone in the first quarter (Q1) of 2024, as it achieved a new record for electric car deliveries despite a decline in production. The American EV manufacturer delivered a total of 1,967 units of the Lucid Air luxury sedan, marking an increase of 40 per cent year-over-year. However, production figures declined, with 1,728 units of the Lucid Air manufactured, reflecting a 25 per cent fall from the corresponding quarter of previous year.

These results were mainly anticipated, attributed to the company’s strategic pricing adjustments implemented in the month of February, including substantial price reductions and incentives of up to approx. $30,000 on inventory cars. Subsequently, sales increased, surpassing production levels for the first time and resulting in a surplus of 239 units.

However, in spite of this positive momentum, the manufacturer faces a cumulative surplus of around 5,000 units over the past two years, indicating the need for strategic measures to fix inventory challenges. The company may leverage this surplus upon the launch of its upcoming model, called the Lucid Gravity, possibly shifting production focus to the new vehicle.

Last year, Lucid enjoyed growth in both production and deliveries, with 8,428 cars produced and 6,001 cars delivered, reflecting year-over-year jumps of 17 per cent and 37 per cent, respectively. However, these figures fell short of the manufacturer’s original targets, highlighting the inherent challenges faced by startups in the automotive industry.

Looking ahead, investors and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Lucid's new outlook, with the brand scheduled to host a conference call on 6th of May this year to discuss its Q1 2024 financial results. As Lucid navigates the complexities of the EV business, its ability to adapt and innovate will be crucial in achieving its long-term objectives.

Alongside the delivery milestones, the company also provided updated pricing information for the Lucid Air lineup, offering a range of electric models with varying specifications and price points. These include the Lucid Air Pure RWD and the range-topping Lucid Air Sapphire starting at $69,900 and $249,000, respectively.

With its steadfast commitment to innovation and growth, Lucid remains poised to make significant strides in the EV market, driving forward the transition towards sustainable transportation solutions. As consumer demand for EVs continues to grow, Lucid's focus on delivering high-quality, luxurious electric cars positions it as a pivotal figure in the industry's evolution.

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