Newspaper endorsements: Detroit Free Press endorses Obama

In the most recent of the newspaper endorsements of the presidential candidates, the Detroit Free press endorsed Democratic Barack Obama on Sunday, calling the Illinois senator, the stronger candidate.

Admitting that the country clearly needs some change, the Free Press - that endorsed McCain for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000 and this year - said that Obama is “not only proposing better ones but is also better suited to the job of getting them done.”

The newspaper also noted: “The McCain running against Obama in this general election has not been the same candidate; he has been nastier, less consistent and, since his acceptance speech at the GOP National Convention, frankly uninspiring.”

GM to lay off 3500 workers, build fewer pickups, SUVs

Detroit, US  - The United States' largest automaker General Motors (GM) announced it is set to lay off 3,500 workers as it reduces its production of pickup trucks and heavy four-wheel vehicles due to falling demand.

After laying off a shift in four North American factories, GM plans to make around 88,000 fewer pickup trucks and 50,000 fewer sports utility vehicles (SUVs) this year. This corresponds to more than 10 per cent of the previous year's production in this sector.

According to the announcement late Monday evening, the market for pickup trucks and SUVs slipped as much as 20 per cent in the first quarter. The company speculated that the change in the market was due to high fuel prices and the general economic downturn.

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