Newspaper endorsements: Detroit Free Press endorses Obama

In the most recent of the newspaper endorsements of the presidential candidates, the Detroit Free press endorsed Democratic Barack Obama on Sunday, calling the Illinois senator, the stronger candidate.

Admitting that the country clearly needs some change, the Free Press - that endorsed McCain for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000 and this year - said that Obama is “not only proposing better ones but is also better suited to the job of getting them done.”

The newspaper also noted: “The McCain running against Obama in this general election has not been the same candidate; he has been nastier, less consistent and, since his acceptance speech at the GOP National Convention, frankly uninspiring.”

The editorial of the Free Press, lavish in Obama’s praise, said: “Despite his relatively short time in public office, Obama, 47, has over the course of the general election campaign steadily articulated a progressive.”

The newspaper said the choice Americans face in the November 4 presidential election is one between Obama, “who has shown a knack for developing well-reasoned solutions to the nation’s many critical problems,” and John McCain, “a genuine American war hero with a creditable streak of political independence who has shown himself to be erratic, impulsive and bullheaded as a political leader.”

Some other newspapers that endorsed Obama during the last week are, among many others, - The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post, The Houston Chronicle, and The Las Vegas Sun.

Meanwhile, newspapers that endorsed McCain are, to name a few, - The Las Vegas Review-Journal, The San Antonio Express-News, and The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch.