Volvo to unveil S60 Concept in Detroit

Volvo to unveil S60 Concept in DetroitDetroit  - Volvo is set to unveil the 2010 successor model to the current S60 featuring a range of new technical details at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Designed by Steve Mattin, who previously worked for Mercedes, the coupe-like concept is a distinct break from previous box-like designs.

"We will place emphasis on powerful-looking cars with wide shoulders, but have variations from model to model. The upright front with V-shaped bonnet will remain," Mattin told Germany's auto-motor-sport magazine.

One of the interior features is a speedometer designed to resemble a three-dimensional glass spiral. The low numbers appear closest to the eye and the figures appear to be increasingly distant when the car is accelerated, providing a visual reminder of forward motion.

True to Volvo tradition, the car includes many safety features such as a collision warning system with integrated automatic braking, pedestrian detection and distance warning radar.

Initially, the car maker is planning a 1.6-litre four cylinder power unit with an output of 180 hp. Turbocharged direct injection and GTDi technology brings fuel consumption down to five litres per 100 kilometres. Carbon dioxide emission is listed at 119 grammes per kilometre. (dpa)

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