Medical marijuana approved in Ferndale

Medical marijuana approved in FerndaleA proposal to distribute medical marijuana by a private group has been approved in northern Detroit suburb. 

The opponents’ arguments that medical marijuana would increase crime and recreational use of the drug were discarded by the voters. 63% voters in Michigan favored the proposal.  

The proposal would be implemented later this month. This means, patients suffering from cancer, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma and other illnesses to grow would be allowed to possess and use marijuana.

Patients will be permitted to grow up to 12 marijuana plants and possess 2.5 ounces at any one time.

According to Detroit News, Dianne Byrum, a spokesperson for Michigan Coalition for Compassionate Care described the vote as a "victory for the patients". Their stories "resonated with voters", said Byrum. He elaborated that the coalition campaign failed because their "scare tactics ... were over the top and not believable".

The debate in Michigan was led by the Washington DC based Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) which is supporting reform on law on marijuana. The opponents were led by Michigan Court of Appeals judge Bill Schuette. 

Schuette said that the coalition "waged a good fight and talked about the unintended consequences. But we were underfunded and came up short."