China has 159 million senior citizens

China has 159 million senior citizensTianjin (China), Apr. 11 : China has 159 million citizens who are above the age of 60, accounting for more than 12 percent of its total population, a ratio higher than the international level.

The number was 149 million in 2008, and is expected to reach 174 million by 2010, Xinhua quoted Yang Tuan, deputy director of Social Policy Studies Center under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, as saying at a forum on the work for senior citizens in Tianjin earlier this month.

It would continue to grow by 8 million annually after 2010, Yang warned.

Scotland protests free flow of fake Scotch in China

Beijing, Apr. 11: Fake Scotch has entered China, prompting the authorities in Biejing and Edinburgh to discuss the issue and reach an agreement to take action against purveyors of this imitation.

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and representatives of the Scotch Whisky Association have asked for Scotch whisky to be given special geographic protection in China. This would prevent manufacturers from selling whisky that was not made in Scotland as Scotch.

Salmond said afterwards he was hopeful that substantial progress would be made on this issue by the end of the year.

To protest Chinese rule Tibetan farmers refuse to sow spring crops

To protest Chinese rule Tibetan farmers refuse to sow spring cropsLondon, Apr 11: Tibetan farmers discontented with the Chinese rule have refused to sow their fields in a show of passive resistance against Beijing.

Chinese officials are so anxious at the latest action of farmers that they have sent in troops from the People’s Liberation Army to work with them or in their place if need be to carry out spring planting in mountainous regions.

China becomes first country to set foot on highest ice cap on Antarctic

New Delhi, Apr 11 : China has established its first inland Antarctic research station on the highest plateau of the South Pole and became first country to set foot on Dome A, the highest ice cap on

IFC All Set To Make Investment In Chinese Firm Honiton Energy

IFC All Set To Make Investment In Chinese Firm Honiton EnergyThe International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, has decided to provide both equity and debt to china-based wind energy developer, Honiton Energy Caymans Plc.

The Tanti Group, promoters of India's top wind turbine maker Suzlon Energy Ltd, holds a 23.6% equity stake in Honiton Energy.

Honiton Energy plans to build up about 1,600 MW of wind energy capacity by the next three years (2012) in China's Inner Mongolia region.

Unpaid construction workers protest in Beijing

Unpaid construction workers protest in Beijing Beijing - More than twenty construction workers occupied a 17-storey apartment block in Beijing, demanding their unpaid wages, state media said Saturday. The workers occupied a residential building of real estate project Zhujiang Augusta in Beijing's Tongzhou district for three hours on Friday afternoon, the official news agency Xinhua reported.

Guo Yanjun, the workers' leader, was quoted as saying that they had not received any payment even though the project was almost complete.

Workers were owed 400,000 yuan (59,000 dollars) by the project owner, the report said.