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Carl Icahn takes $100 Million Stake in ride-sharing service Lyft

Carl Icahn takes $100 Million Stake in ride-sharing service Lyft

Providing a big boost to ride-sharing company Lyft Inc.'s expansion plans, activist investor Carl Icahn-led Icahn Enterprises LP has bought a stake in the company by investing $100 million.

In an unusual move, activist investor Carl Icahn's Icahn Enterprises LP has made a $100 million investment in Lyft Inc. This move has added momentum to the ride-sharing company's rapid expansion but left its cash pile far behind rival Uber.

Icahn has joined a long list of backers for the three-year old startup, including Andreessen Horowitz, New York-based technology hedge-fund Coatue Management, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA.N), and hedge fund Third Point Management.

Icahn receives a lot of criticism from students

Icahn receives a lot of criticism from students

Corporate boards, company executives, and rival investors criticized Carl Icahn. But he is receiving a lot of criticism from casino workers and college students, who consider him as a reason behind struggling seaside gambling resort.

Trump Entertainment Resorts will be taken over by Icahn. He’ll also take over the struggling Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. But even before it occurs, the company’s elimination of health insurance and pensions for workers has led to a lot of public protests.

Carl Icahn drops $50 million Apple share buyback petition

Carl-IcahnWashington, Feb 11 : Activist investor Carl Icahn is reportedly dropping his petition for Apple to buy back 50 billion dollars of its stock from shareholders.

The investor decided to withdraw his aggressive buyback campaign, following the Institutional Shareholder Services' (ISS) opposition and arguments against his plans.

The prominent proxy firm Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), which acts as an influential adviser to investors, had recommended that shareholders vote against his proposal, the Verge reported.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Apple was also not in favour of the proposal made by Icahn. (ANI)

Icahn urges shareholders to appeal for share appraisal

Icahn urges shareholders to appeal for share appraisalCarl Icahn, an activist investor associated with computing giant Dell, has asked the shareholders to demand a share appraisal from the company management in an effort to defeat a bid from company founder.

Dell's second-largest shareholder wrote an open letter to the shareholders aiming to convince them that the takeover offer form Michael Dell is not as generous or the smartest move strategically for the company. Icahn, who owns

Icahn increases offer price to $5 Billion for Dell

Icahn increases offer price to $5 Billion for DellCarl Icahn, an activist investor, has said that it is increasing the offer price for a stake in computing giant, Dell to $5 billion.

Mr. Icahn increased the bid value by almost double and also asked the company to issue a tender offer for 1.1 billion shares at $14 each. He wrote in a letter to Dell shareholders and members of its special committee that he has already secured lender commitments for $5.2 billion in debt financing. He pointed out that the remarks would dispel suggestions that the funds will not be available for the acquisition.

Icahn offers to by stake in Lions Gate

Carl-IcahnBillionaire Investor Carl Icahn has offered to buy remaining shares in studio company Lions Gate Entertainment Corp., which is currently under a move to participate in the final bidding process for the owners of James Bond film franchise, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

The offer surfaced after Lions Gate asked its shareholders to reject an open tender offered by Icahn to raise its stake in the company 18.9 per cent at present to 30 per cent. He had offered $6 per share. As per the company, the price was inadequate and coercive.

Lions Gate makes efforts to block Carl Icahn’s attempt to increase stake

Carl-IcahnThe Hollywood Studio Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. is making all the efforts possible to block the investor Carl Icahn's attempt to acquire more stake in the company. The company has asked its shareholders to turn down Carl Icahn offer to buy out shares of Lions gate.

Icahn currently owns 18.9% stake in Lions Gate Entertainment but he feels the shares are not enough to give him a strong say in the company's decision making process.

Icahn rejigs his portfolio, cuts Yahoo boost lions gate

Carl-IcahnBillionaire investor and hedge fund manager - Carl Icahn restructured his portfolio holdings quite a bit during the fourth quarter of 2009, according to an SEC filing.

Icahn dropped his Yahoo's stake to just 12 million shares in December 2009, down from 62.9 million as on September.

In other noticeable rebalancing, no change of interests was reported in CIT Group and Motorola Icahn. Icahn through his affiliates own 12.1 million shares of CIT Group Inc and 119.8 million shares of Motorola Inc. Yesterday, Motorola announced a split of its business, a move Icahn believes is good for shareholders.

Yahoo strikes compromise deal with major shareholder Icahn

microsoft_yahooSan Francisco  - Internet services company Yahoo said Monday it had struck a compromise deal with major shareholder Carl Icahn giving him and his associates three seats on the board.

In exchange, Icahn is to withdraw the list of candidates he has put up to replace the entire board.

The agreement comes before Yahoo's annual general meeting on August 1 that had threatened to see an escalation of the conflict.

Icahn has backed a takeover of Yahoo by the world's largest software concern, Microsoft. Yahoo's board has rejected a Microsoft bid of 47.5 billion dollars. (dpa)

Icahn launches Yahoo proxy fight with eye on Microsoft deal

Yahoo & MicrosoftSan Francisco  - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn on Thursday officially launched a proxy fight to oust the Yahoo board in a bid to revive Microsoft's spurned deal for the internet powerhouse.

"It is quite obvious that Microsoft's bid of 33 dollars per share is a superior alternative to Yahoo's prospects on a standalone basis," wrote Icahn in a letter to Yahoo Chairman Ro Bostock. "I believe that a combination between Microsoft and Yahoo is by far the most sensible path for both companies."

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