Kayakers will reach Shell's oil drill rig in Seattle

People who are protesting against Arctic oil drilling are planning to go in kayaks to reach Shell's huge offshore drilling rig. This decision has been taken by protesters as it may arrive any day in Seattle, causing rise in stakes in the conflict over oil exploration in Arctic Ocean.

According to the company, it is progressing with plans to make use of leased space at the Port of Seattle so as to load its drilling rigs and other vessels with supplies and workers. The company is looking forward to explore oil in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska's northwest coast this summer.

However, the city is saying that a new permit is required for the Port of Seattle prior to arrival of Shell's Arctic drilling fleet. It has also been warned that the port and Foss Maritime, which is a local company working with Shell, could be fined for its unauthorized activity.

The 400-foot long Polar Pioneer is one of the drill rigs that company is looking forward to use. This rig has been parked at Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula, and it is expected that it will arrive Seattle this week.

Bill Moyer has been involved in helping train protesters in paddling techniques and kayak safety for the protest that has been scheduled for Saturday. It has been named as the 'Paddle in Seattle'.

According to Moyer, "It's hard to see where normal people can have an impact on something as vast and seemingly distant as climate and the Arctic. So this moment is historic opportunity for regular people to demonstrate their desire for a pivot away from fossil fuels," he said of Saturday's protest".