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Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund to Bring in $2 billion in India

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Beta-Blockers Increase Stroke, Death Risk

Beta-Blockers Increase Stroke, Death Risk  Patients who are taking beta-blockers before and at the time of undergoing non-cardiac surgery appears to have the highest risk of heart attack and death within a month of their surgery, a new research reveals.

“Prevention of these perioperative [around the time of surgery] cardiac complications continues to be the goal of intense research and investigations,” quote the author

US People Become ‘Carborexics’- Obsessive About Environment

A new survey reveals that the people of US become obsessed with their carbon footprints. Their extreme environmental awareness may create a generation of “carborexics”, warns Psychiatrists in US.

According to a new survey 7% of Americans qualify as ‘dark green’ and become hard core recyclers. The New York Times report describe their lifestyles that might considered as ‘carborexic’.