Internet enables tutoring connections between Asian, US

Washington  - Max Benning of Scottsdale, Arizona, struggles in school, especially with the subjects chemistry, English and physics.

"According to my mom, I don't really care about school," said the 11-year-old. And he admits that he wouldn't make it without tutoring. "I need it, and it is much more efficient than studying by myself."

So, a few times a week, he discusses his homework with his tutor, Bindu. What's special about their relationship is they communicate over the internet, and Bindu lives in India. Benning is one of more than 700,000 US students who are tutored this way, and the number of students throughout the world who turn to the internet for tutoring services is growing.

Misrepresentations in cosmetics: Eye cream is a waste of money

Hamburg - Consumers should not base their decisions about buying cosmetics on the price and image of a brand, according to Paula Begoun, a cosmetic expert in the United States who has spent more than two decades explaining the fine print on cosmetic product packages.

Begoun, 55, says its always better to read the fine print to find out what's in the creams and something about the companies that make them. She uses published research to support her work and investigates herself whether a product, with its particular ingredients, can deliver what it promises, and how it is different from other similar products. She also assesses how well the product can be tolerated and possible allergic reactions.

Trends in kitchens include islands and cabinets that open with a tap

Hamburg  - There are kitchens and then there are temples to cooking. The latter sometimes take up the same amount of space as a one or two-bedroom apartment.

In that amount of space luxury kitchens can offer everything that makes cooking nice: a kitchen island, compartments for keeping food warm, one or two ovens, an enormous refrigerator, an induction stove and all kinds of storage space behind softly gliding drawers and cabinets that open with just a light tap.

As luxury kitchens can cost quite a lot of money, they should be timeless. Kitchen makers are going for simple elegance.

High mileage, bodywork reasonable, one careless owner

Sydney - The average rental car is sent to auction after 30,000 kilometres.

Australia's Rob Ey, 48, already has 100,000 kilometres on the clock but hopes to be serviceable for many years yet.

"There are guys who are still running marathons in their 70s," said Ey, who ran last month's Canberra Marathon - his 69th - in three hours, 52 minutes.

He began documenting his mileage in 1982 and the magic 100,000 kilometres clicked over during the 42.1-kilometre race around Australia's capital city.

Find a way to set your inner clock when working shifts

Hamburg - The most difficult time for Ullrich Grubig is in the middle of the night, although that's when there is the least amount of work to do.

While his body wants to sleep, Grubig, a precision mechanic, has to stand at his machine. He must hang on until 5 am when his shift ends. Then he can go home and go to bed. Grubig actually is lucky that the overnight shift ends relatively early.

"When shifts end at 8 am, it's usually too bright by the time you get to bed, and that makes it harder to sleep," said Daniel Hicklin, who works at a sleep clinic in Bad Zurzach, Switzerland that advises people who work irregular hours. Daylight signals the body that it's time for activity, not sleep.

Smoky eye make-up is not for young women

Smoky Eye Make-upFrankfurt - The so-called smoky eye make-up style is popular again this season as a contrast to fine fashion designs.

But women should be aware that emphasizing the eyes with dark shades doesn't work well for everyone, said make-up artist Serdar Vural of Frankfurt.

Dark shades of make-up make dark eyes look smaller. Thus women with small eyes should avoid it. It's also important to take age into consideration. Older women look better when their eyes are freshened up with lighter shades, said Vural.

Cabinet approves reconstruction plan for nine states

Cabinet approves reconstruction plan for nine statesNew Delhi, Mar 7: The Union Cabinet today gave its approval for long-term reconstruction plan for restoration of infrastructure affected by natural calamities in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

The reconstruction plan will be carried out at a cost of Rs. 5368.37 crore that will be implemented over a period of two years and release of Additional Central Assistance for implementing the Plan to the affected States as additionality to Gross Budgetary Support.

Sophisticated Standard Of Living

The presence of number of projects offering comfortable living to residents has made Noida and Greater Noida as the chosen destination for superior lifestyle in the National Capital Region. Grand Venezia International Mall by the Bhasin Group, Czar Suites by Supertech and internationally designed township developed by Omaxe are few of the numerous projects lined up for Greater Noida offering easy connectivity to the capital via the expressway.

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