Blond hair colour should match complexion and personality

Blond hair colour should match complexion and personalityFrankfurt  - When choosing hair colour, it's important to find a tone that matches both a woman's complexion and her personality.

Blond isn't exactly blond as women with fair skin and light blond hair look better with nuances of ash and platinum in their hair, said style consultant Andreas Rose of Frankfurt.

Women whose skin has a touch of light rose should use warm copper tones, while women with light red hair and complexion are advised to use bright copper coloured blond tones.

Clubs boost stimulation factor by employing VJs

Berlin  - While night clubs in the early 1990s could get by with featuring strobe lights pulsating with the beat, organizers of techno events have to offer more to attract clubgoers.

Alongside the disc jockeys - DJs - are so-called visual jockeys - VJs - and together they shape the image of the club. Like their sound colleagues, VJs fashion the mood, atmosphere and tact of the lights from track to track. In big cities they have formed their own small scene.

Organizations representing VJs, such as those in Hamburg and Berlin, agree that an evening of electronic music in a club can't be pulled off without a VJ.

New hair colour products provide greater range of options

New hair colour products provide greater range of optionsHamburg  - Too dull, too limp, too plain or simply too grey - most women become exasperated with their hair at some point and when that occurs they soon march into a drug store for hair dye products or go straight to their hair dresser for professional help.

Men's facial creams designed to moisturize

Berlin  - Facial creams for men should moisturize the skin, first and foremost.

Thus means special products for men should contain more liquid and less oil.

In a study conducted by Stiftung Warentest, a Berlin-based consumer goods organization, 30 men each tested 15 different facial creams day and night for two weeks. The six creams with the best moisturizing abilities were ranked "good."

The group also reported that a 50-millilitre-package of a quality product often costs less than six euros (9.41 dollars).

Golden Colts and red poppy seeds in Mexico's drug museum

Mexico City  - Since Felipe Calderon was inaugurated as president in late 2006, Mexico has been at war with the powerful drug cartels.

Apart from police and officers specializing in drugs, thousands of soldiers are currently active against drug trafficking, particularly in Mexico's northern states.

In order to teach soldiers - originally responsible only for the country's defence - what kind of enemy they are fighting, instructors responsible for their training at the Mexican Defence Ministry make use of the Museo de los Enervantes (Drug Museum), which is unique in Latin America.

There, they are graphically informed of the historic, cultural and current background of the drug trade.

Danish royal wedding to add some French flavour to Denmark

Copenhagen - Prince Joachim and Marie CavallierThe Danish royal family was due to strengthen its French ties with the wedding on Saturday of Prince Joachim and French-born Marie Cavallier.

The couple met at a private shooting party in Denmark in the autumn of 2002 but they did not experience love at first sight.

Those feelings started to blossom "sometime in the spring of 2005," the 38-year-old prince said in October 2007 on the announcement of their engagement.

TV gives Australia's flying doctors global glamour

Dubbo, Australia  - TV gives Australia's flying doctors global glamourAustralia's booming mining sector means doctors and pilots prepared to work in the Outback are paid very well.

The 80-year-old Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) doesn't pay big money but it's good at enticing professionals with the promise of a starring role in the real-life version of a television series they watched when they were young.

Online speed dating helps people pair up with a click

Hamburg  - After hours of preparation and excitement over a blind date, there's nothing worse than meeting the guy and having to listen to him talk for hours about his bonsai trees.

Thanks to speed dating, singles can avoid such horror dates and get to know a lot of potential partners in a short time. This type of dating is now making headway on the internet. There are new websites where flirtatious people can give speed dating a try, and some of them use webcam, voice-chat and texting technologies as they allow people to participate conveniently from the couch in their living room.

The eco-friendly tent is here for revellers with a conscience

London  - Anyone heading to this summer's music festivals with a bad conscience about the litter that is left behind can now opt for the recyclable cardboard and plastic tent.

The two-person myhab tent comes with a price tag of 240 pounds (480 dollars), but will also be for hire at this summer's main festivals in Britain.

The cardboard and plastic structure, a brainchild of 24-year-old design student James Dunlop, has caught the attention of investment firm Dragons' Den-style and will be for sale at www. myhab. com in time for the festival season.

Dunlop said he gotd the idea to design the loo roll-like structure after hearing that 10,000 canvass and plastic tents are ditched by fans at the Glastonbury rock music festival every year.

Beige and brown favourites for Germans' living room walls

Beige and brown favourites for Germans' living room wallsFrankfurt  - One in five Germans prefers beige or brown on their living room walls, according to a representative survey conducted by Germany's paint institute in Frankfurt.

Only about about one-third of Germans would like their walls in traditional white, according to the survey of about 1,500 people.

Among colour accents for the living room, earth tones led with 22 per cent. But pastels in yellow and orange enjoyed a degree of respect with 17 per cent and 12 per cent, respectively.

Majority of Austrian children cannot distinguish tastes, study says

Vienna  - Three out of four children aged between 10 and 13 are unable to distinguish between basic flavours sweet, sour, bitter and salty, a study by an Austrian university found recently.

Only 27.3 of children recognized all flavours while 23.6 per cent recognized only one, researchers from Vienna's University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences said.

In addition, 8.1 per cent of the children did not recognize any flavour.

The results were significantly lower than those achieved by adults or university students in similar surveys.

The researchers said they established a possible connection between a fast food diet and the seemingly degenerating tastebuds of Austria's children.

Small surprise for Mother's Day: "Mum, I am gay"

Buenos Aires - "Best wishes on Mother's Day, Mum. By the way, I am gay."

The coming-out of one's own children has thrown several mothers off their chairs in more liberal societies. In Catholic, conservative Argentina, however, it continues to imply great fear and family drama.

One mother even wished her son's death after such a revelation, says the German-Argentine Irmgard Fischer, herself the mother of a gay son. As a result, she founded the first association for parents of homosexuals in Argentina in a bid to help others.

What to look for when buying in-line skating equipment

Munich - In-line skaters should always wear proper helmets a and protect their wrists, elbows and knees to ward off injury in a fall, Germany's product safety and testing organization said.

The optimal protection for in-line skaters includes a helmet and padded guards for the joints in a fall. Although head injuries are not that common among in-line skaters, a helmet is recommended. It should fit properly and skaters should make sure they wear it correctly.

A helmet should be neither too tight nor too loose and must be worn on every skating outing with the chin strap closed. If the helmet receives a hard blow, it should be replaced because it might not be able to withstand another impact and therefore would not offer sufficient protection.

Sitting near a stranger might be start of friendship

Sitting near a stranger might be start of friendshipLeipzig, Germany - Two people who just happen to sit next to each other at an event might be on the path to friendship, according to a study by the University of Leipzig.

The study showed that coincidental proximity at first meetings made a deep impression on people's long-term social choices.

Psychologists studied 54 psychology students at the start of the term. At one induction event, students were randomly assigned seats and then asked to get up and introduce themselves to the group.

Longer days lift spirits, while shorter skirts bring on the flirt

Hamburg - Buds are sprouting, birds are twittering and the convertibles and sunglasses are coming out.

Even though the overnight temperature still drops to near freezing, the flirting season is on. Everyone knows that even the most tender ray of sunshine warms not only the cheeks, but also stirs emotions. Winter coats are aired and scarves loosened as the spirit of spring takes off.

Are all these feelings just a fluke? No, not at all. Although scientists are not in agreement about what causes them, the symptoms are the same: good humour and a tingling in the belly.

Acrylic materials make comeback at Milan furniture trade show

Milan - Natural and organic materials are current trends in furniture design, but in the coming months synthetic materials that were popular in the 1980s are to make a comeback.

At the Milan furniture trade show, transparent pieces of acrylic - reminiscent of furniture popular two decades ago - were on display along with pieces featuring glass and metal.

Opposites rule the designs: the materials were either clear or very heavily tinted. Ideas from the 1970s also influence the designs in some ways. There were individual pieces with material casually draped over them, while the material on other pieces had a brash cut with raw edges.

Eat something before spending the night outdoors

Stuttgart - Outdoor enthusiasts should always have a meal before sleeping in the great outdoors, according to the Stuttgart- based magazine Outdoors.

A camper's body turns the extra food into fuel to help stay warm during the night. Pre-camping meals should be warm and easy to digest.

Campers who do not eat special meals can make do with an energy bar and a hot tea. If you find you're already freezing before you even get into the sleeping bag, it's best to get your circulation going by walking vigorously around the tent or doing push-ups or knee bends. (dpa)

Concern about environment enters world of home furnishings

Milan - The environment and climate change have become current and definitive topics in the design of home furnishings.

At Milan's furniture trade show, for example, designers showed several applications of reusable or recycled materials.

In addition, concerns about the environment are being conveyed, somewhat cryptically, by the use of crystalline and polygonal forms. They require less materials without causing the quality of the furniture to suffer.

Minimizing the amount of material is meant to integrate the subject of ecology into design and to effect change in thinking about costs.

Natural aromas best for sauna visits

Bielefeld, Germany - Sauna enthusiasts are advised to use only naturally scented concentrates when pouring water on hot rocks, according to Germany's Sauna Association in Bielefeld.

Aromas can affect the body and can cause allergies in some people.

The best products to use are those made from plant extracts or those with a quality assurance mark.

Different aromas have different affects on the human nervous system. They can cause tension as well as relax the body.

Conifer aromas such fir or pine have a calming affect. Lavender is also good for relaxing.

Eucalyptus and peppermint clear nasal passages and make it easier to breath.

Rope and knot basics: getting started in rock climbing

Munich - Rope and KnotMaking a mistake while indoor climbing can be a painful experience but it's difficult to avoid.

Studies have shown that climbing errors are not related to age, according to Stefan Winter of the German Alpine Association in Munich.

Older climbers make as many mistakes as young novices and inexperienced climbers are just as liable to make a mistake as people who have been climbing for years.

However, it is possible to minimise the chance of making a mistake.

Trained climbers make only half as many errors as people who have no training.

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