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Meet the ‘luckiest man in the British Army' who escaped bullet by only 2mm!

Meet the ‘luckiest man in the British Army '' who escaped bullet by only 2mm!London, Apr 20: A Brit soldier is being called the luckiest in the army after he survived a gun shot, which hit his helmet, but missed his head - by only two millimetres.

Private Leon ''Willy'' Wilson from Manchester was knocked flat on his back by the impact of the shot while he was on attachment with
2nd Battalion of the Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters) in Afghanistan.

Art of letter writing 'dying out’ as people use email and texts

Art of letter writing ''dying out’ as people use email and textsLondon, April 20: Interest in the art of letter writing has declined since the arrival of email and texting, according to a new research.

As the number of people communicating electronically soars, less than half of 50-year-olds now write personal letters by hand, compared to more than seven in ten 70-year-olds, a survey for Saga magazine found.

The online survey of 11,000 Britons over-50s showed that it was the rise of high-speed communication technologies that have replaced handwritten notes.

The ‘selfish’ cow that drinks up all its milk!

The ‘selfish’ cow that drinks up all its milk!New Delhi, April 20 : A Chinese farmer has much to complaint after her cow started to feed on its own milk, leaving her empty-handed.

Owner Guli Nisha, from Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, said the animal had found a unique way of being self-sufficient by turning its head around and drinking its own milk, reports the China Daily.

Guli revealed: "I do not know what caused the cow to drink its own milk, but I know I got no milk from it and had to spend some 30 yuan (4.40 dollars) to feed it."

Pratibha Patil Emphasizes Taking Diabetes Awareness To Rustic Regions

Indian President Pratibha Patil While lecturing at a function organized by the Delhi Diabetic Forum on Saturday in New Delhi, Indian President Pratibha Patil said that there is a need for a wide-ranging approach in order to take diabetes awareness to rustic regions of the country where people are totally ignorant about the ailment.

Mrs. Patil said that the rustic population is totally unaware about the disease so there is a need to organize special activities in villages to benefit the people living there.

British police face yet another probe into G20 summit behaviour

London - British police confirmed Saturday they were probing yat another case of possible excessive use of force in crowd control during the recent G20 summit in London.

A Scotland Yard spokesman declined to give details, but local media reports said it appeared to involve claims by a man who had been hit on the head and thrown to the ground by police.

Confirmation of the latest probe followed a report Friday that a second postmortem had revealed that man a who died after being pushed to the ground by police at the London summit died of internal bleeding, not a heart attack as previously said by police.

Girl in coma: Delhi Government, Centre to take action against teacher, school

Girl in coma: Delhi Government, Centre to take action against teacher, school