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The Deep Secrets of Big Boss

The Latest evictee of Big Boss, Sambhavna Seth said that she The Deep Secrets of Big Boss had taken part in the Reality show to fulfill her dad's wish. The wish was to see her on television everyday. She commented that she had never thought that her visit to the Big Boss would stretch to such a long period because it was very difficult to survive under so much controversy and politics.

Crack Down By Anti-Narcotics Cell At Juhu Pub

A team led by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Vishwas Nangre-Patil, Crack Down By Anti-Narcotics Cell At Juhu Pubraided a pub, Bombay 73 degrees East, and detained 239 youths who were part of a rave party. According to the law any person in possession of drugs or having consumed drugs can be arrested. 239 youths were caught red-handed in the act, although 9 have been charged with possesing, selling drugs, the others have been sent for urine and blood tests and if found guilty, shall be booked by the police. 

SRK’s owned Red Chilles to invest Rs 100 crore for 3 films this year

Everyone knows that when it comes to business, Bollywood Megastar Shah Rukh Khan becomes very serious. Be it films or cricket, King Khan perhaps know how to earn profits. 

The latest: after delivering superhit OSO at the box-office, King Khan’s Red Chilles Entertainment is all set to come up with an investment of Rs 100 crore for rolling out three movies later this year. This whopping amount includes a Rs 60-crore film with computer-generated special effects and two medium-budget films, each with a budget of Rs 20-25 crore. 

Speaking on Rs 60 crore film project, King Khan said, “We will finalise the script, cast and director for the two medium-budget films by this month.”

Sen Sisters Starring In Rituparno’s, ‘Naukadubi’

The Sen sisters who are presently shooting at famous Shantiniketan , Sen Sisters Starring In Rituparno’s, ‘Naukadubi’West Bengal where their grandmother ‘Suchitra Sen’ was a student will be seen together in Rituparno’s direction ‘Naukadubi’. 

The story is based on Rabindranath Tagore’s novel with the same title. It is not for the first time adaptation of the novel for the screen is as similar attempt was done in 1947 by Nitin Bose, with Dilip Kumar as the star in Hindi version and Abhi Bhattacharya in Bengali version.

‘Drona’ Fails To Live Upto Its Expectations

The much awaited flick was on the screen on 2nd October. With the team ‘Drona’ Fails To Live Upto Its Expectationsof ‘Drona’ promoting itself on small screen before it actually hit the big screen, much seemed to be promised than it actually was. An attempt to depict a modern mythology, the film seems to derive its plot from Hollywood flicks like Harry Potter, Star Wars and the like.Though it was a brave attempt on part of Goldie Behl to direct a film with a unique concept but the movie unfortunately failed to enchant the audience.

I Can’t Answer Such A Silly Question, Says Aishwarya

I Can’t Answer Such A Silly Question, Says AishwaryaThe Bachchan family and Shahrukh Khan always have roughness in their relationship. When it just felt that Shahrukh had patched up with the Bachchans by attending the premier of Junior B’s ‘Drona’ there was an another twist in the story. 

This time it involved Abhishek’s loving wife Aishwarya who didn’t want to respond a question related to King Khan. 

A journalist questioned if Shahrukh was back in the Bachchan camp to which Aishwarya said that she cannot answer such a silly question.