‘Drona’ Fails To Live Upto Its Expectations

The much awaited flick was on the screen on 2nd October. With the team ‘Drona’ Fails To Live Upto Its Expectationsof ‘Drona’ promoting itself on small screen before it actually hit the big screen, much seemed to be promised than it actually was. An attempt to depict a modern mythology, the film seems to derive its plot from Hollywood flicks like Harry Potter, Star Wars and the like.Though it was a brave attempt on part of Goldie Behl to direct a film with a unique concept but the movie unfortunately failed to enchant the audience.

The story begins with Adi’s (Abhishek Bachchan) who does not have a good childhood with his foster family, rather emerges as a sober personality. An introvert he finds himself in a strange situation in an encounter with a weird magician, Riz Raizada (Kay Kay Menon) and his henchmen. Priyanka Chopra plays the young woman who emerges from nowhere for his rescue.

The young women reveals to Adi that he is ‘Drona’ one of the guardian of an ancient mythological secret of which Riz wants to get hold of. Adi is then taken to his real mother (Jaya Bachchan) who has been waiting for his son in a faraway place, a palace located in an unknown desert. Riz chases him and puts a spell on his mother.

Though some of the action sequences have been shot with perfection, the overall plot does not catch one’s imagination. The performance by the protagonist doesn’t seem to enthrall the audience as the script of the story fails to connect with the audience. Though it has not been much appreciated by the critics, the ball is in the court of viewers, the ‘janata janardhan’ who lets see will give it a green signal or not.