Crack Down By Anti-Narcotics Cell At Juhu Pub

A team led by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Vishwas Nangre-Patil, Crack Down By Anti-Narcotics Cell At Juhu Pubraided a pub, Bombay 73 degrees East, and detained 239 youths who were part of a rave party. According to the law any person in possession of drugs or having consumed drugs can be arrested. 239 youths were caught red-handed in the act, although 9 have been charged with possesing, selling drugs, the others have been sent for urine and blood tests and if found guilty, shall be booked by the police. 

The police recovered 104 tablets of Ecstasy, 850 drops of LSD and charas worth Rs 9.6 lakh. On the Question of involvement of bollywood personalities in the party Patil said "Like we have said, the youth have been treated as victims and hence, I do not want to disclose the identities of any of them unless and until their test results are out."

Those arrested have been identified as Rahul Karmakar, Ben Simone, an Israeli national and the DJ of the trance party, Rajesh Talwar Salil Roy, Wheelan Bretto, Sameer Shah, Kashish Malkani and Anuradha.The police aims at getting information against how the peddlers got the drugs and also get to the source .

In 2007 a similar rave party was raided and 200 people were detained. It is commendable that the police have successfully carried out this operation and may have saved a few youngsters who were on the verge of disaster.