Apple sells more iPhones in China than US

Apple sells more iPhones in China than US

On Monday, technology company Apple Inc beat revenue and profit forecasts of Wall Street. According to the company, for the first time, it has sold more iPhones in China than in the United States. Apple has not revealed anything about the sales of its Apple Watch.

The company headquartered in Cupertino, California, stated that its iPhone sales have soared in China, and its revenue in the world's most populous country increased more than 70% to $16.8 billion. According to reports, the company's iPhone sales were helped by gift-buying for Chinese New Year.

Doberman eats almost every part of 3 Watches

Doberman eats almost every part of 3 Watches

This Boston area Doberman ate three watches. Last Thursday, Jeff Courcelle came home and found that Mocha, 5, was revolving around a pile of screws, metal pieces, three watch heads and some chewed leather straps.

Courcelle called his wife, Michele Parkinson, and told her that he is concerned what Mocha has done. It was then found that the 80-pound Doberman has pulled down a basket of wrist watches from the couple’s bedroom and ate almost everything of the watches.

The couple concerned about their dog’s health took Mocha to the MSPCA's Angell Animal Medical Center, a 24-hour emergency and specialty hospital. The doctor there performed a 3-hour endoscopy procedure to find out the contents in Mocha’s belly.

Equity analysts initiate new ratings and share price targets for Apple

Equity analysts initiate new ratings and share price targets for Apple

In a freshly issued research reports on Apple, Wall Street analysts are showing different price targets for the technology major. On Thursday, a research reports was published, in which FBR Capital analyst Daniel Ives initiated coverage on Apple with a price target of $185 and an Outperform rating. The price target shows a potential upside of 47% from where the stock is presently trading.

According to Ives, "While Apple remains a widely covered company from a sell-side perspective, we are throwing our hat in the ring with the unique approach of focusing more on Apple's software, which represents the 'crown jewel' embedded in its products/ services".

An apple a day not adequate to maintain health

An apple a day not adequate to maintain health

According to a new study, it's not sure that an apple a day would keep the doctor away. The study says those who consume apples daily have to visit a doctor as many times as those who eat fewer or no apples.

The results of the study do not indicate that consuming apples is not a good choice. It simply means that one can't depend on just one kind of food in order to maintain health and avoid sickness.

According to approximately one-third of the adults studied, they didn't visit doctor more than once in the previous year and others said that they visited at least twice. It was found in a preliminary analysis that apple eaters had somewhat fewer visits than those who avoided apples i. e. consumed less than one daily or no apples.

Cantor Fitzgerald Analyst has Highest Price Target on Wall Street on Apple Shares

Cantor Fitzgerald Analyst has Highest Price Target on Wall Street on Apple Share

Cupertino headquartered technology major Apple has current stock price of $127 per share. The stock price has been making the consumer Electronics Company's worth of about $744 billion. Currently, Brian White, who is an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald at capital investment company Cantor Fitzgerald, has the highest price target on Wall Street on shares of Apple.

Earlier, the analyst has lifted the price target from $160.00 to $180.00. He has also maintained 'Buy' rating on Apple shares. Last month, the iPhone maker's shares reached new highs when it surpassed the $700 billion market cap level. At that time, there was a serious discussion about the potential for the company to become a trillion dollar company started.

Apple added to Dow Jones Industrial Average

Apple added to Dow Jones Industrial Average

The Consumer electronics major Apple has become a member of the Dow Jones industrial average index, which is also called the Industrial Average. Apple, currently the most valuable company in the world, was added to the stock market index after the market closed on Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial started trading with stock of California-headquartered Apple when the market opened on Thursday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was created in 1896 and it is also called 'the Dow 30' because it is an index that tracks 30 blue-chip stocks. The maker index reflects the economy and markets of the United States.

Apple is working on an online TV service

Apple is working on an online TV service

Consumer electronics company Apple could soon launch an online TV service. The Apple TV set is coming and that rumor has been revived once again with the report that the company is working on an online TV service.

According to Brian White, an analyst with the investment bank of Cantor Fitzgerald, the imminent coming of a TV set from the company has taken on the mythical status of attempting to spot a 'golden-horned unicorn' in the forest.

"We believe a potential streaming TV service and offerings such as HBO NOW pave the path for even bigger ambitions for Apple with a full blown TV that allows the company to completely control the user experience", White wrote in a note to investors.

Apple to Join 29 other Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks

Apple to Join 29 other Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks

Technology gaint Apple will join Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) stocks after the close of trading March 18. The maker of iPhone and iPad will replace AT&T, which is a Dow member for nearly 100 years.

DJIA, which is also called Dow 30, is a stock market index and one of several indices created by Wall Street Journal editor and Dow Jones & Company co-founder Charles Dow.

The index was created in 1896 and is based on the share prices of the 30 companies in the average. Since DJIA comprises only 30 firms, the change of just one or two components in the index can make a major difference in the metrics for the entire index.

Important Things you should know about Apple Watch

Important Things you should know about Apple Watch

Apple looks forward to manufacturing six million smartwatches during the next quarter. And if you are planning to buy Apple Watch, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First of all, one needs to understand how to operate the watch. This is because the screen of the watch is very small and there are only two tiny buttons, which are located on the side.

There are 17 very small circles on watch and these circles have been arranged in a repeating three/four pattern on its rectangular face.

Apple’s upcoming online TV service to offer around 25 channels

Apple’s upcoming online TV service to offer around 25 channels

According to the Wall Street Journal, tech giant Apple is in talks with various programmers to offer a bundle of 25 channels online starting this year. Apple's streaming TV service will come with a $30 to $40 monthly subscription. The access to channels such as ABC, CBS and Fox will be offered to the users this fall.

However, Apple is not in talks with NBCUniversal, owner of the NBC broadcast network and cable channels like USA and Bravo, because of a falling-out between Apple and NBCUniversal parent company Comcast Corp.

Although, the tech giant was reportedly in early-stage discussions with Comcast a year ago to offer a streaming-television service that would allow Apple set-top boxes to bypass obstruction on the web. However, the negotiations failed.

Apple to Join Dow Jones Industrial Average

Apple to Join Dow Jones Industrial Average

iPhone and Mac giant Apple will be shortly added to the 30-stock Dow Jones Industrial Average index on March 19. The move will mean exit of AT&T from the index. In order to balance the impact of technology sector on the index, the Cupertino, California-based technology major Apple will be added.

The 119-year old stock market barometer has been holding AT&T for almost 100 years. AT&T has been kicked out of the index a few times in the past as well. AT&T has not commented on the move announced by the index manager S&P.

Dow Jones is currently hovering around its all time high and the current move to change AT&T by Apple won’t have a big impact on the index. Apple stock ended marginally higher at $126.6 on Friday.

Ericsson files lawsuit against Apple over alleged patent violation

Ericsson files lawsuit against Apple over alleged patent violation

Washington, Feb 28 : Apple has been slapped with a lawsuit by Ericsson over alleged violation of 41 patents that essentially apply to iPhone and iPad sales.

According to Tech Crunch, Ericsson, the pioneering wireless technology has filed suit against Apple both with the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

The company has claimed in the lawsuit that these include patents related to 2G and LTE tech and also non-standard patents dealing with software and component hardware design, the report said.

Ericsson has requested the barring of sale of Apple devices in the filing.

The move is seen as an attempt by Ericsson to seek damages from Apple. (ANI)

Tim Cook says Apple Watch could replace car keys in future

Tim Cook says Apple Watch could replace car keys in future

Washington, Feb 28 : Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted at the possibility of Apple Watch replacing users' car keys.

According to Tech Crunch, it's a powerful use case to propose because it's immediately apparent that if one already has an Apple Watch for the benefits of notifications and communication it offers, migrating the functions of other dedicated gadgets with similar radio and sensor loadouts to the wearable makes a ton of sense.

He says that a car key fob is not far from being a reality and that very little work would be required in that front. (ANI)

Apple enjoyed 89 pc of smartphone profits in Q4 last year

Apple enjoyed 89 pc of smartphone profits in Q4 last year

Washington, Feb 27 : Apple enjoyed 89 percent of all smartphone profits in Q4 last year.

According to Tech Crunch, Strategy Analytics said that Apple in Q4 last year accounted for 89 percent of all smartphone profits, equating to 18.8 billion dollars, with Android taking only 11 percent, or 2.4 billion dollars.

It is reported that other platform players like Microsoft, Blackberry and Firefox did not make profit at all.

Neil Mawson, research director for Strategy Analytics, named Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi as "three big profit drivers" for Android.

He said that Samsung is the Android giant that delivers most of Android's smartphone profits worldwide, adding that the company accounted for well over half of all Android smartphone profits globally in Q4 2014. (ANI)

Apple offers glimpse of what its 'multicultural emojis' would look like


Washington, Feb 24 - Apple's newly launched second OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 beta updates offer a glimpse of what its " multicultural emojis" would look like, a report said.

The updates feature a redesigned emoji keyboard and emoji skin tone modifiers. Any human icon can be given a new skin tone if the user taps and holds the character. The available skin tones are based on five tones in the Fitzpatrick scale, a dermatology standard adopted by the Unicode Consortium, reported The Verge.

Its family emoji category now also includes same-sex couples and couples without children.

There are also more than 300 new additions to the emoji group.

The old watch emoji has now been changed into an Apple watch.

Apple removes sensors from smartwatch after arm hair disrupts readings

Apple removes sensors from smartwatch after arm hair disrupts readings

London, Feb 18 : Apple reportedly had some sensors removed from its new smartwatch after discovering that arm hair was obstructing its functioning.

According to Daily Star, a report from The Wall Street Journal has suggested that Apple wanted their watch to measure a host of bodily functions, such as blood pressure and stress levels.

However, the company figured that strap tightness, skin types and hair issues disrupted the smartwatch's accurate readings and decided to have the sensors removed.

The smartwatch will be launched in April and the device and will be fitted with some fitness aids including heart rate monitor and activity tracking, the report added. (ANI)

Apple investing 850 mln dollars to build 1,300 acre solar farm to power new headquarters

Apple investing 850 mln dollars to build 1,300 acre solar farm to power

Washington, Feb 11 - Apple is investing 850 million dollars to build a 1,300-acre solar farm in its new headquarters in Monterey, California in partnership with First Solar on a renewable energy project.

According to the Verge, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company is focused on making environmentally responsible decisions.

Cook said that it was time for action now and that climate change is real at Apple.

Apple is partnering with First Solar, the company that Apple bought a massive factory site from in Arizona.

The project will reportedly add 130 megawatts of new solar power to California that is enough to power about 50,000 average homes. (ANI)

Apple to issue bonds worth 5 bln dollars

AppleLondon, Feb 03 - Tech giant Apple is expected to raise at least five billion dollars by selling bonds.

Portions of the funds raised will be used for Apple's share buyback programme, reported the BBC.

The company intends to return more than 130 billion dollars to shareholders by the end of this year.

However, the amount being raised is less than half the 12 billion dollars generated in April 2014 when the company was last active in the U. S. bond market.

While some of the bonds will take five years to mature, others will take as long as three decades.

Much awaited Apple Watch to have similar battery life as Android Wear devices

Apple WatchWashington, Jan 23 : Apple's much awaited wearable device 'Apple Watch' will exhibit a similar battery life as other Android Wear devices in the market today, said a source familiar with the Watch's development.

Apple is hopeful that the watch can run for 19 hours, combining active and passive use, reported the Verge.

According to 9to5Mac's source, Apple Watch can last through two to three days in standby and low-power modes.

However, if the watch is used strictly as a timepiece and the screen is on at all times, then the battery will die out after three hours or so.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made 9.2 mln dollars in 2014

Tim CookWashington, Jan 23 - Apple CEO Tim Cook was paid 9.2 million dollars by the company in 2014 wherein 1.7 million dollars was paid as salary and 6.7 million dollars as non-equity compensation.

According to TechCrunch, the amount of money Cook made in 2014 was double of what he made in 2013, which was roughly 4.2 million dollars.

While Angela Ahrendts, hired away from Burberry to lead Apple's retail strategy, earned 73 million dollars and the vast majority of that was in stock.

Apple's iTunes, App Store, Apple Pay, Siri, Apple Maps, iCloud boss Eddy Cue earned 24 million dollars and 20 million of which was stock. (ANI)

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