Limited Black Friday price cuts offered by Apple

AppleDespite rumours about deeper price cuts, the consumers were offered discounts on Mac computers, iPods and accessories at levels similar to years past through the Apple Inc's much-anticipated Black Friday event.

The consumer excitement was stroked by Apple announcing a one-day Black Friday 'shopping event.' However, no further details were disclosed by the company. The prices were cut on certain items by approximately 5 to 10 percent. Where a discount of $21 was being given on an iPods, which was being sold for $378; a 13-inch MacBook was being offered for $1,200, a discount of $100. However, the very popular iPhone was not on sale.

Over 150 people queued up in front of an Apple retail store in downtown San Francisco even before the opening time of 8 a. m. An exchange student named Nicolas Mac Ferran from France came to the store at 6:30 a. m., but had to leave empty handed since there was a really small discount on the MacBook.

He said, "I can do better at the school bookstore." The products by Apple generally have a higher price tag than other companies, and the company does not cut prices very often. So this event came as an opportunity for those who wanted to own an Apple product but could not afford it.

"Consumer electronics stores in general were busy on Black Friday, and I expect the sector to hold up better than others during the holiday season," said Stephen Baker, a vice president with research group NPD.

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