BSkyB selling its B2B operation

BSkyB selling its B2B operationBSkyB has sold its B2B wing of Easynet, which is the telecoms group it grabbed for £211m to gear up its broadband and telephony venture to a private equity fraction for £100m.

BSkyB, that obtained the business in the year 2005, is to trade Easynet Global Services to LDC, which is a British private equity group.

Sky expressed that the deal, that shall be the topic to the regulatory support, shall not influence its operating profit prospects during this financial year. It maintains the UK network property of Easynet, but LDC shall have a long-term permit agreement for the fiber network which shall rope the Sky Broadband and Sky Talk.

According to Andrew Griffith, Sky's chief financial officer, the attainment of Easynet was vital to the premature success of Sky Broadband and Sky Talk.

However whilst keeping the UK network property to back the sustained growth of the residential customers, they suggest to exit the B2B domain with the sale of the business to a convincing team and on lucrative terms.