Xbox Australia’s ‘Halo 5’ post was made in error: Microsoft

Xbox Australia’s ‘Halo 5’ post was made in error: MicrosoftSoftware and entertainment giant Microsoft has clarified that the recent Facebook post that stated Master Chief's return in Halo 5 was made in error.

Xbox Australia had made a post on social-networking site Facebook that revealed the identity of the Xbox One Halo videogame as not only a spin off starring Master Chief. It said the new game was Halo 5 - the next game in widely popular Halo franchise.

But, Microsoft quickly addressed any potential hype by stating that the post was made in error. The company also said that it had no further details to share at the time.

The company said, "This post was made in error, and we will be updating it shortly. We have made no announcements regarding the name of Halo on Xbox One. We have no further details to share at this time."

However, the stated that it had already declared that the award-winning franchise would continue on the Xbox One game console, staring 2014.

Created by Bungie, Halo is a science fiction videogame. It is now managed by 343 Industries and Owned by Microsoft studios. The series revolves around interstellar war between humanity and a group of aliens known as Covenant.