What’s 'Monkeys Of Bollywood' Cooking?

A R RahmanAny idea guys? Is this movie on monkeys or on Bollywood or on Ramayan, the greatest Indian epic? Going by the reports, this is the story of Hanuman, the monkey of Ramayan. But then, where does Bollywood come in? DreamWorks Animations has announced the project a bit too hastily it seems. With undetailed explanations, the movie is now fast being speculated as one on Indian mythology, and, a ridicule at that!

The movie’s name could have been given something else, considering the subject. But then, the makers have panned on this one. We are sure that sensible names like A. R. Rahman, Stephen Schwartz, and Gurinder Chadha must have been informed in details about the project before they accepted it. Is it time that makers shared in detail what is the film about?

Or all this is just to create some hype and attract attention of the people? One thing is for sure. A big banner with even bigger names and super hit projects behind it, will not make a film on a country, with its native population, and try to show the country’s culture in poor light.

So guys, look behind the scenes, and read between the lines. Do not fret. The first musical feature of Indian mythology is in safe hands. Patience is the key for the rest!

--Sampurn Wire