Visit to Dentist makes British Man lose his Memory

No one ever wants to visit a dentist, as obviously who wants drill machines in mouth. But this 38-year-old man has lost most important thing by going to a dentist, his memory. It might be shocking for you, but it is true that the man went for root canal treatment and ended up losing memory.

The incident took place 10 years back and since then the man has been stuck up in a 90-minute loop in which he wakes up every morning and thinks that it is the same day when he has to go to dentist.

A research has been carried out on the case, as the researchers involved said that they have never seen like this before. Researchers have cleared that the dental procedure was not responsible for the man's memory loss.

Dr. Gerald Burgess from University of Leicester along with Bhanu Chadalavada from Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust, Northampton conducted the study. They have now asked people if they have also suffered same symptoms like memory loss or medical professional working with someone facing such things, should contact them.

They want to study more on the topic and know what the reality is. The researchers explained what had happened during the dental procedure. It was an hour-long root-canal treatment in which the man was given a local anesthesia. After that the man is stuck in that 90 minute loop.

The person is aware of his name and identity, but he thinks every day that he has to go dentist for the dental procedure. He now has to manage things through an electronic diary.