US drones continue flights over Pak tribal areas despite warning

Lahore, Sep 20 : American drones are continuing their flights over various areas of North and South Waziristan, spreading panic and fear among locals despite a warning from Pakistan not to do so.

According to Express News, the spy planes were seen flying over Ghulam Khan, Hamzoni, Ditta Khel and Mir Ali areas of North Waziristan and Angoor Adda and Mateen areas of South Waziristan.

According to the channel, the continued drone flights have increased fears among locals, already worried about the security situation in their areas.

Earlier, Pakistani security forces along with tribesmen repulsed a ground attack by US-led troops in South Waziristan.

Pakistani officials had earlier warned that no more border violations by US-led troops in Afghanistan can be tolerated and warned of retaliatory actions.

Pakistan''s tribal leaders have also warned that if the US cross-border attacks continue, they would give a harsh response.

They even threatened to target US-led troops in Afghanistan if they continue to attack the tribal zone.

In recent months, there has been an increase in Washington-led missile strikes in Pakistan''s tribal areas.

While the US claims the strikes have been directed at militants, it has killed scores of civilians in missile attacks this year and has sparked outrage in Pakistan. (ANI)