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Drug developer Advaxis Inc’s shares up as much as 38%

Drug developer Advaxis Inc’s shares up as much as 38%

On Wednesday, drug developer Advaxis Inc said that the US Food and Drug Administration had lifted a clinical ban on its three experimental cancer therapies. The move has sent the shares of the company up by as much as 38%.

In October, the US health regulator had put the mid-stage trials of the lead therapy of the company, axalimogene filolisbac, on hold following the death of a patient.

Then, Advaxis said that the patient has died because of progression of cervical cancer and no role was played by the drug in life loss. Later, the FDA put a clinical hold on all three therapies in the drug developer's pipeline.

Wearing Helmet Necessary for Children on Tricycles: Study

Wearing Helmet Necessary for Children on Tricycles: Study

Since long we have been suggesting children to wear helmets when they ride a bike. But now scientists have said wearing a helmet is equally necessary if riding a tricycle.

As per the estimates of the study published in the journal Pediatrics, there were about 9,340 cases of tricycle-related accidents that sent children to emergency rooms in 2012 and 2013.

Researchers after analyzing the data noted that the most common body part that injured during tricycle-related accidents included a child’s head.

Study’s co-author Sean Bandzar, a medical student at the Medical College of Georgia, said he noticed that some of his small patients came with laceration to the face after riding accidents.

Adobe results beat estimates on strong subscription growth

Adobe results beat estimates on strong subscription growthAdobe Systems Inc, the maker of Photoshop and Acrobat software, reported better-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue, helped by higher subscription sales of its Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud suites.

Adobe`s shares rose 8.6 percent in after-hours trading.

"These results reflect Adobe is continuing to execute well through its transition to the cloud, which continues to be a key ingredient in the company`s long-term recipe for success," FBR Capital Markets analyst Samad Samana told Reuters.

G-20 officials to tighten global tax laws

G-20 officials to tighten global tax lawsGovernment officials form the leading economies of the world will call for stricter rules for regulation of taxes in the global economy.

Economic officials are expected to agree to stricter global tax laws and even discuss steps taken by countries to protect selective industries by tax breaks. A 40-page work plan has been prepared and is expected to be endorsed by the G20 in Moscow. The new plan would help in shaping the new international tax system in order to facilitate fair operations by global companies.

Delhi Metro's Ridership Hits 16 Lakh Mark

Delhi Metro's Ridership Hits 16 Lakh MarkFor the first time thus far, Delhi Metro's ridership hit the 16-lakh mark as 16,06,493 travelers took the Metro on Nov 15.

The above statement has been made by an official on Tuesday.

With a major part of Stage II of construction getting over, Delhi Metro ridership is soaring upwards.

Eminem Hits 10 Million Facebook Fans

Eminem Hits 10 Million Facebook FansAccording to Famecount, Eminem aka Marshall Mathers aka the Real Slim Shady has exceeded 10 million buffs on the popular social networking site, Facebook.

Eminem becomes only the second living musician to have done so - behind Lady Gaga - whose recent smashing of the 10 million fan barrier was well documented and now boasts over 15 million buffs on Facebook.

Thus far, just 4 total musical entities have surpassed the 10 million international Facebook fan mark, and it is indeed an elite group.

Dharmendra, Esha Together In ‘Tell Me Oh Khuda’

Dharmendra, Esha Together In ‘Tell Me Oh Khuda’Veteran actor Dharmendra, who shot with his loving daughter Esha Deol for the first time, said Esha's confidence in front of the camera has impressed him a lot.

The father daughter pair will be seen together in "Tell Me Oh Khuda", which is being produced by Hema Malini.

Dharmendra also said that he could not refuse the offer to work with Esha.

Oil Prices Hover Around $75 Per Barrel

Oil prices Oil prices swung near $75 per barrel on Friday as signals of growing demand in the U. S. fueled hopes of sustained economic revival but a stronger dollar made crude pricier for foreign investors.

Benchmark crude for the next month delivery dropped 37 cents at $74.24 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex).

In other Nymex trading in July contracts, heating oil climbed by 0.34 cents to end at $2.0425 per gallon.

Gasoline rose 0.27 cents to mark its closure at $2.0839 a gallon.

Small countries hold the key of Copenhagen resolutions

Small countries hold the key of Copenhagen resolutionsAfter the failure of the maiden edition of the Copenhagen Summit, now the world is looking at the small countries to come forward and take the responsibility.

The developed countries along with US and European countries could not come up with any new resolutions at the summit. Now Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Ecuador, Latin American countries, as well as Sudan and Saudi Arabia, have become the tough reviewers of the Copenhagen deal.

World celebrates Earth Day

World celebrates Earth DayToday at the 40th anniversary of World Earth Day is expected to participation from more than one billion people making it the biggest secular civic event in the world.

The official forum to celebrate the event, Earth Day Network (EDN) wants to make Earth Day 2010 a defining moment in the environmental movement. The network brings together 20,000 partners and organizations in 190 countries to celebrate the event on April 22 every year.

Using Osteoporosis Drug For Long-Time May Weaken Bones

Using Osteoporosis Drug For Long-Time May Weaken BonesA new study has disclosed that common medicines used to treat osteoporosis could make bones easier to crack if used for too long.

Researchers discovered that bisphosphonates perk up quantity at the cost of quality. Although the medicinal drugs assisted protect limbs, over time they appeared to damage its anatomical structure.

Accordingly, it is thought that cure with the medicines may boost the risk of unusual ruptures after four or more years.

Most Sick Newborn Babies Have Kidney Trouble: Study

Most Sick Newborn Babies Have Kidney Trouble: StudyAround 70% of ailing newborns suffer from kidney problem but less than 5% of them get treated, a new study says.

The research, carried out by Batra Hospital for a period of over 15 years on 300 sick newborns, discovered that 5% of them have severe kidney function derangement.

Mukesh, Lakshmi Among Top 10 In Forbes Billionaire List

Mukesh Ambani, Lakshmi MittalAce Indians Mukesh Ambani and Lakshmi Mittal named among world's top ten billionaires as Mexican mogul Carlo Slim Helu hit Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to turn out to be the most affluent person on earth.

In addition to fourth placed RIL chairman Ambani and fifth positioned steel czar Mittal, four other Indian residents were named among top fifty in 2010 Forbes list of the World's Billionaires released on Wednesday with 49 Indians joining company with the world's 1,011 wealthiest people.

Mighty 67 percent use cellular services across the globe

Mighty 67 percent use cellular services across the globeThe latest report of International Communications Union affirms that 67 percent of the entire population across the globe is having cell phone subscription.

According to this finding of 2009, it is believed that over half the people on planet are mobile users which are supposed to be around 4.6 billion people. Compared to the reports of 2002, 1 billion people were signed up to use cell phones, which is close to five times the score.

UN Report: 6 Out Of 10 Persons Use Cellphone In Developing World

UN Report: 6 Out Of 10 Persons Use Cellphone In Developing WorldA latest UN report stated that six out of ten persons have a cell phone in the growing world.

An international Telecommunication Union study released on Tuesday stated that 57% of people in developing countries were cellphone subscribers.

At the end of 2009, there were around 4.6 billion mobile subscriptions as against one billion in the year 2002.

"The rate of progress remains remarkable," the report stated.

Cell Phone Subscriptions To Hit 5 Billion Mark In 2010

Cell Phone Subscriptions To Hit 5 Billion Mark In 2010According to the UN telecom agency, demand for cellular phones throughout the world remains firm in spite of the slump, with the number of individual mobile cellular subscriptions expected to reach 5 billion in 2010.

Advanced services and mobile phones in rich nations and augmented take-up of mobile banking and mobile health-care services in poorer countries is motivating the sustained demand.

Study: 125.2 Mln Women At Malaria Risk During Pregnancy

Study: 125.2 Mln Women At Malaria Risk During PregnancyA new study disclosed that around 125.2 million preggies are prone to malaria annually.

Plasmodium falciparum, a protozoan parasite occurring in the tropic and sub-tropic, is the major cause of the majority of malaria fatalities.

But, the most common type of malaria is P. vivax malaria, which also thrives in temperate areas.

The majority of malarial casualties are among young kids in sub-Saharan Africa but expecting mothers and their unborn babies are at high risk of having malaria.

Confront Rustic Poverty Through Fairtrade

EconomicAs the whole world continues to reel under recession, world leaders, politicians, businessmen, academicians, economic experts and civil society heads will once again assemble in Davos at the World Economic Forum to talk over the way forward.

The hopeful news is that the prominence of WEF this year is on reorganizing business models, financial conceptions and risk management, revamping operations, processes and systems, and rebuilding people faith in the administrators and the novel systems.

Top 12 CEOs left their companies in 2009

Top 12 CEOs left their companies in 2009It was not only the common employees which lost the job, in the worst economic recession ever in the history of the world trade, but the list includes a few CEOs also who have departed from their companies, proving that no position was protected from vulnerability from the recession.

Oceans rapidly turning acidic: new UN study

Ocean FloorAs deadlocked climate talks in Copenhagen prepared to enter a critical, fractious second week, a major new United Nations’ study showed how quickly the world could be running out of time.

The world’s biggest insurance policy against rapid warming, the oceans, are soaking up atmospheric carbon dioxide at such a rate that their acidity — and so their ability to nuture an intricate planet-wide web of life — could increase 150 per cent by 2050.

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