Two Black Males shoot at Two Girls in Jacksonville School Bus

Police is searching for two suspects who opened fire into Jacksonville, Fla. school bus. Two students suffered injuries in the shooting incident. Authorities said two black males started shooting that caused non-life threatening injuries to two girls.

One of the victims has been identified as 15-year-old Shayayla Singleton. Her family said that she was shot in the face and doctors are currently providing her treatment at a local hospital.

The Jacksonville sheriff's department said the bus driver acted bravely and managed to drive the bus to quarter a mile from the scene to safety. He then pulled over and gave a call to 911.

It has yet not been determined if the attack was a targeted one. A sheriff's official said at the scene that it remains to be known whether or not any relation existed between the suspects and the victims. Both victims have been provided the treatment and are recovering well surrounded by their family members.

Duval County Public Schools Spokeswoman Tia Ford said the students in the bus belonged to three different alternative schools: James Weldon Johnson Academic Career Training Center, Mattie V. Rutherford Alternative Education Center and Grand Park Center.

A major violation of the school's code of conduct books a seat for a student in alternative schools. For example, stealing, causing damage to school’s property, consuming alcohol, taking drugs or bringing fire arms on campus.

“When I got word of the shooting, there was a deep anger that permeated my whole being. A level of frustration, being horrified and just sickened by the fact that our children can’t be children, that students can’t be students”, said Superintendent Nikolai Vitti.