Twitter to generate $1 billion in ad revenue next year

Twitter to generate $1 billion in ad revenue next yearIt is believed that social micro blogging site, Twitter is likely to generate as much as $1 billion in ad revenue during the coming one year mostly due to an increase in advertising in mobile devices as an increasing number of users access the site form their mobile handsets.

According to a new research by research firm eMarketer, mobile advertising is set to account for about half of the company's total advertising revenues and its share of the total ad revenue is set to increase to 60 per cent in the coming year. The company's mobile ad platform was introduced in 2012 and has gained popularity among the markets aiming to target increasing number of mobile users.

Analysts at eMarketer have revised the estimate for total mobile ad revenue from $800 million earlier to $950 million in the coming year. Twitters' ad revenue is set to double this year to $582.8 million, according to the new report from the company.

Twitter is a privately held company and does not publish its financial details for the people. It has more than 200 million monthly active users and is the among the most popular social networking services allowing users to post short 140-character messages on its online service.