IBM to offer jobs to laid-off staff in developing countries

IBM to offer jobs to laid-off staff in developing countries Leading blue chip firm, IBM has made an offer to its retrenched workers in US and Canada to serve in developing markets such as India, China, Nigeria and Brazil. The company is also reported to be in favor of shifting its North American employees to Eastern Europe, sensing some better environment in these regions as compared to slowdown hit North American region.

IBM computer will have power of 2 million laptops

IBM computer will have power of 2 million laptopsIBM has recently announced an even speedier supercomputer, just after seven months it came out with world's fastest supercomputer. The new one however is being learnt to have computing power of 2 million laptops.

On Tuesday, IBM informed that it is working to come up with technology for its new Sequoia computer, with delivery scheduled in 2011 to the Department of Energy for use at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Apple's Papermaster files countersuit against IBM

Apple's iPhoneA countersuit has been filed by Apple's iPhone man-in-waiting, Mark Papermaster, against his former employer, in a dispute over a non-compete agreement.

On late Thursday, the court documents were filed in federal court in New York, which claimed that since the two companies are not competitors in the arena where Papermaster will be employed, IBM's non-compete agreement with Papermaster shouldn't apply to his potential employment at Apple.

Blue scholar program by IBM

Blue scholar program by IBMIBM has launched a program which aims at sponsoring talented engineering students from various leading technical institutes of India. The program also aims at encouraging further researchers in the region. 

"The IBM Blue Scholar Program is aimed at growing that rare talent that blooms in a scientifically challenging atmosphere," said Dr. Manish Gupta, associate director, IBM India Research Laboratory.

IBM To Expand Its Cloud Computing Efforts

IBM To Expand Its Cloud Computing EffortsLeading multi-national computer technology IBM has joined the list of companies jostling for position in the cloud computing space. For this purpose, the company would invest $2 billion in India over the next three years.

According to multi-national computer technology, with the proliferation of the mobile Web, the average individual's "information footprint" - the digitization of entertainment, healthcare, security, social networking, retail preferences - will grow from 1 TB (about 50,000 trees cut and printed) per year to more than 16 TB by 2020.

IBM releases solutions to rein data overflow

IBM releases solutions to rein data overflow An array of about 40 solutions were released today by IBM, taking off from the global concern of skyrocketing data volumes, the perennial lack of physical storage spaces and being sensitive about carbon footprints. These solutions will aim at tackling this data overflow using technologies, which are 'disruptive' in nature. 

IBM brought into the light the IBM XIV system, which is a highly scalable disk storage system optimized to handle content from Web 2.0 applications to traditional applications such as financial services.