Ctrl S Data Centres inks MoU with IBM

Ctrl S Data Centres inks MoU with IBM
The customers of Hyderabad-based firm, Ctrl S Data Centers Limited will now enjoy the benefits of having a single point of contact for all their data center needs. Today, the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IBM, which includes marketing of data centers to customers, channels, and franchisees across India.

Ctrl S Data Centers Ltd is promoted by the Rs 5 billion Pioneer Group along with IDBI and Och-Ziff, a New-York based global investment fund.

IBM Unveils Mobile Web Initiative

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of IBM’s India Research Labs, Big IBMBlue has revealed a new initiative, which will help add more value-added features and functions to mobile devices with the objective to make them more useful for everyday tasks than PCs.

The new task, which will be led out of India, but is taking shape among IBM’s eight global labs in six countries across the world.

IBM Launches Power595 & Power6 `Hydro-Cluster' Supercomputer Systems

IBMThe Big Blue, IBM launched two high-end Power Systems models – the world`s fastest UNIX server and a unique water-cooled supercomputer, which have superb energy-saving capabilities on Monday.

In its official release, IBM stated that the new energy efficient products offer sophisticated IBM virtualization technology that will help reducing bottom line operating costs, such as those for energy, floor space and systems management, while improving system performance, helping customers transition to a new enterprise data center.

IBM uses "spintronics" to make memory leap

San Francisco- IBM announced a new kind of computer memory on Friday that could increase storage capacity 100-fold.

Called "racetrack memory" the new storage devices would replace flash memory and hard disk drives in computers. The devices are based on a new branch of physics called "spintronics" that uses nanotechnology to manipulate the spin of electrons to create magnetic fields in which data can be stored.

Using racetrack memory an MP3 player would be able to store about half a million songs, or 3,500 films. IBM has already demonstrated a device that can store 10 times the current amount and expects racetrack memory to begin cropping up in electronic devices within the next decade.

IBM Software Launches Customer Service Tool

Global IT major IBM has unveiled a software, ProAct, which will be helpful to service sectors including call centres and hospitality in order to improve insight of their processes.

Mukesh K Mohania, IBM India Research Laboratory Senior Manager (Information and User Technologies) said that the new business intelligence technology developed by IBM's India Research Laboratory would assist organizations to gain new business insights, which can be useful in improving customer satisfaction.

Mr. Mohania stated that the software would offer business intelligence to segments that includes call centres that are based on the information collected by companies on customer service calls or during other interactions.

IBM launches “IOPES”, smart email search software

IBM OmniFind Personal E-mail Search DeveloperIBM has launched “IBM OmniFind Personal Email Search (IOPES)”, a new smart email search software. According to IBM, the software is powered by advanced algorithms that can interpret incomplete queries and find information such as phone numbers, people, meetings, presentations, documents, images and more. However, the software also allows searchers to define their own concepts.

‘IBM Power6’ Is The World's Fastest Chip

IBM Power6Bangalore: IBM has revealed the world’s fastest microprocessor, ‘the dual-core POWER6’ in the Indian market.

Shashi B Mal, Director Systems and Technology Group, IBM India / South Asia said that the System p570 server and bladeCenter JS22, which is powered by this new chip, will also be available in the Indian market.

The Power6 is much speedier (4.7 GHZ) than its previous version Power5. It uses almost the same amount of electricity to run and cool. It also features industry leading virtualization potentialities. It is also the newest addition to IBM's 'Project Big Green'.

IBM Opens ‘Centre’ For Disabled

IBMNew Delhi: IBM India has opened up a Human Ability and Accessibility Centre to make technology and information easily accessible to those having visual, cognitive and motor disabilities.

The center, situated at India Research Lab in New Delhi, will cater to the various needs of Indian accessibility stakeholders such as government bodies, business houses, educational institutions, research workers and NGOs.

While lecturing at après meeting, Shanker Annaswamy, IBM Managing Director (India and South Asia) told that the new centre would offer up approachable technologies to show up the importance of the unused talent pool of people with disabilities.

IBM Opens ‘Human Ability and Accessibility Centre’ For Disabled In India

IBMNew Delhi: IBM India, Global software major has established a ‘Human Ability and Accessibility Centre’ for people with disabilities in India.

The centre, situated at the India Research Lab in New Delhi, will make technology and information easily accessible to people having visual, cognitive and motor disabilities.

The centre will cater to the different needs of government bodies, business houses, academic institutions, research workers and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Web Access For Visually Disabled

IBMAll is set for the Technology and Software giant, IBM to launch a multimedia web browser for visually impaired. Using this web browser, they can access web video and audio. This software for visually impaired, codenamed the Accessibility Browser or A-Browser is created by Dr. Chieko Asakawa, who has been blind since age 14 and is a senior researcher at IBM’s research laboratory in Tokyo. Blind and partially-sighted people will get the unbelievable control over multimedia application using a keyboard to control media player software.

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