IBM to offer jobs to laid-off staff in developing countries

IBM to offer jobs to laid-off staff in developing countries Leading blue chip firm, IBM has made an offer to its retrenched workers in US and Canada to serve in developing markets such as India, China, Nigeria and Brazil. The company is also reported to be in favor of shifting its North American employees to Eastern Europe, sensing some better environment in these regions as compared to slowdown hit North American region.

IBM officials, however, declined to comment on internal transfer of employees and said, "The pitch to employees who might consider shifting to IBM's operations in developing economies seems to be the low cost of living, warmer climate and variety in cuisine and exotic places."

IBM declined to comment on pay parity, most probably the main factor for internal transfer of employees, in US and developed countries. The company would, however, offer financial assistance and immigration assistance to workers being transferred under its Project Match, the project established to help workers to locate potential job opportunities in the developing markets.

However, Sabyasachi Satpathy, co-founder of Mindplex Consulting said, "I don't know how this (Project Match) will work out. It is still an expensive proposition. But, this may not be the ultimate way of cutting down operational costs."