Google Germany agrees to remove Street View images before release

Google Germany agrees to remove Street View images before releaseHamburg - Internet giant Google said Monday it would allow German householders to complain before images of theirhomes are included in the search company's new Street View service. Street View is a feature of Google Maps which provides free panoramic photographs of city streets from eye level in the United States, Japan, Australia and European nations.

Privacy campaigners have claimed it makes it easy for snoopers to discover anyone's quality of home from afar.

T-Mobile’s G1 Android smartphone sales touch ‘one million’ mark!

T MobileWithin six months of its October 2008 launch, T-Mobile's Google Android smartphone - which already makes up nearly two-third of the 3G devices available on the T-Mobile network - finds itself amid and enviable milestone; that of touching the noteworthy 'one million' mark in US sales!

Going by a T-Mobile announcement earlier this week, the G1 smartphone handset has thus far sold a million units, and has had quite a few updates to enhance functionality and fix bugs in the operating system. T-Mobile also intends shifting more smartphones over to the Android OS.

Google unveils two new products – Image Search, News Timeline; refurbishes Google Labs site

GoogleImage Search and Google News Timeline are the two new products that Google unveiled on Tuesday. In addition to these, Google has also refurbished its Google Labs site.

Though seemingly quite interesting, the two new products are not 100 percent refined and are somewhat imperfect in their capabilities - but then, Google says, that's exactly the idea! According to R J Pittman, director of product management for Google's consumer-oriented technology, rather than presenting a perfectly 'complete' product,

Google prefers gathering feedback quickly and making the adjustments required in its new products.

Google Chrome enables users “to remove thumbnails from the New Tab Page”

Google ChromeAccording to the Google Chrome Program Manager, Anthony Laforge, in the Thursday-released Chrome update, the open source browser now includes a new feature that enables the users the "ability to remove thumbnails from the New Tab Page." Earlier, the option was accessible in default mode.

Google first-quarter profits up 8.9 per cent

Google first-quarter profits up 8.9 per cent San Francisco  - Internet search powerhouse Google bucked the economic downturn in the first quarter, posting an 8.9-per-cent rise in profits as revenues climbed 6.2 per cent.

The Silicon Valley-based online advertising giant earned 1.42 billion dollars in the quarter, up from 1.31 billion in the same quarter a year ago.

Revenue rose 6.2 per cent to 5.51 billion dollars but marked a 3- per-cent drop from the fourth quarter - the first time that the internet search company saw a decline in revenue between two consecutive quarters.

Google wins IPR cases against Ascio Technologies and Net Jobs

Google Inc.The internet search giant, Google secured significant victories in its Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) cases against two Indian companies last month. The World Intellectual Property Rights Organization (WIPO) gave its verdict in favor of Google, in its domain names’ cases against Ascio Technologies and Net Jobs, and the WIPO arbitration and mediation committee transferred the domain names "" and "," used by the two Indian companies, to Google.