T-Mobile’s G1 Android smartphone sales touch ‘one million’ mark!

T MobileWithin six months of its October 2008 launch, T-Mobile's Google Android smartphone - which already makes up nearly two-third of the 3G devices available on the T-Mobile network - finds itself amid and enviable milestone; that of touching the noteworthy 'one million' mark in US sales!

Going by a T-Mobile announcement earlier this week, the G1 smartphone handset has thus far sold a million units, and has had quite a few updates to enhance functionality and fix bugs in the operating system. T-Mobile also intends shifting more smartphones over to the Android OS.

With the Android having found a footing in the market, Google anticipates the current year to be a big one for the OS. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at a conference call last week that there are indications that the Android would have a chance for greater success this year. Saying that the open source strategy was expanding, Schmidt also asserted that the company would soon convey its future announcements.

Further adding that Google's Android vision was yielding the projected results, Schmidt said: "There are announcements happening between now and the end of the year that are quite significant from operators and new hardware partners in the Android space. On the netbook side, there are a number of people who have actually taken Android and ported it over to netbook or netbook-similar devices."

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