Google Chrome enables users “to remove thumbnails from the New Tab Page”

Google ChromeAccording to the Google Chrome Program Manager, Anthony Laforge, in the Thursday-released Chrome update, the open source browser now includes a new feature that enables the users the "ability to remove thumbnails from the New Tab Page." Earlier, the option was accessible in default mode.

Among the other striking changes that are in store for users who have signed up for the raw software, available by means of the preview channel, the "Undo Tab Close" and "New Tab" functions have been added to the tab bar's context menu. Moreover, the Chrome would now support Ctrl+Shift text alignment, depending upon what side of the keyboard those keys are pressed.

With tabs being put on Chrome's options list, some users will hail the constructive use of valuable screen space, more so as the new feature does not seem to inflict much performance penalty. In addition, it would give the users a chance to revive the earlier impulsively-closed tabs, by opening a new tab then clicking on any of the three "recently closed" items.

Another piece of news related to Chrome includes Google's Wednesday release of a new version of Chrome, the, to its beta channel, in an attempt to fix some of Chrome's flaws and introduces several updates.

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