Google unveils two new products – Image Search, News Timeline; refurbishes Google Labs site

GoogleImage Search and Google News Timeline are the two new products that Google unveiled on Tuesday. In addition to these, Google has also refurbished its Google Labs site.

Though seemingly quite interesting, the two new products are not 100 percent refined and are somewhat imperfect in their capabilities - but then, Google says, that's exactly the idea! According to R J Pittman, director of product management for Google's consumer-oriented technology, rather than presenting a perfectly 'complete' product,

Google prefers gathering feedback quickly and making the adjustments required in its new products.

Both of the newly-released products aim at opening newer vista for the users, by the way of providing them with new ways for searching for photographs online, as well as viewing graphical representations of information over particular time-periods.

While Image Search allows users to look for images similar to the ones they have already found, News Timeline allows users to browse history through Google's eyes, with a descending sequential structure that draws information from sources like newspapers, Wikipedia, and others.

Meanwhile the new version of the Google Labs website gives web surfers the opportunity to interact with some of the Google engineers - who are involved in the process of developing the new products - by the way of posting queries, suggestions, gripes and other comments.

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