Shaw Communications to axe 400 jobs

Shaw Communications to axe 400 jobsShaw Communications has said that it is planning to cut a total of about 400 employees, which is about three percent of its workforce.

The company is looking to lay off workers in order to revive its business and saving costs. The company, which is based in Calgary, said on monday it is aiming to rearrange the structure of its cable, satellite, Internet and home phone services in order to make them more efficient.

The company's reworked operations will be devided into two seperate units. One of the unit will deliver services to residential consumers and another one will handle business customers.

"The roles and structure we established years ago to support us as a cable company can no longer support our growth," chief executive Brad Shaw said in a release.

He also said the company is aiming to avoid duplication of work and reorganizing its activities and operations in oreder to meet demand of the customers.