Rumors abuzz about direct movie and TV downloads on iPhone

AppleThere are rumors abuzz about the Apple 3.0 software update's new version for the iPhone and iPod Touch, more so with Apple likely to unveil the latest offering at the WWDC 2009 next month!

As per the iPhone grapevine from the Open Salon site has mentioned direct downloads of TV shows and movies via the WiFi network. In fact, the addition of video downloads on the device apparently is a rational addition to future software updates.

Giving some credibility to the rumor is the information that the video section of iPhone iTunes is under construction. Moreover, an avid blogger - who goes by the nom de plume "geeky friend" - claims to have seen supposed screenshots of the direct downloads and related ads for "iTunes TV," "iTunes Movies," and "iTunes Movie Rentals" on a new version of a Twitter iPhone App called TwitterFon.

The direct downloads to the iPhone and iPod Touch would do away with the requirement of plugging the device into the computer, and launching iTunes; and then bringing the two together in sync.

No wonder the handiness of directly downloading videos onto an iPhone is already being considered a welcome addition by Apple! At present, the only video downloads possible on the device are the audio and video podcasts.