David Brown Automotive transforms classic Mini into Mini eMastered luxury EV

David Brown Automotive transforms classic Mini into Mini eMastered luxury EV

UK-based David Brown Automotive has just announced the release of the electric Mini eMastered, a modern interpretation of the classic car, with a decent range and contemporary features. Reborn as the Mini eMastered, this iconic classic car now embraces electric powertrain to ensure environment-friendly mobility. With a robust 72-kilowatt electric motor (e-motor) and an 18.8-kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery pack, this revitalized Mini car is capable of achieving an impressive 110-mile range on a single charge. It takes 8.5 seconds to sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour (0 to 100 km per hour), while speed can reach 92 mph (approx. 148 km).

While its looks remain classic, it now boasts modern conveniences like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, all those attractive, contemporary features with the electric powertrain in the classic car comes at a substantial price tag of $154,500 (£125,000), before additional fees and taxes, which marks the vehicle’s departure from its budget-friendly roots. Anyhow, the transformed car’s premium pricing clearly marks it as a luxury car, rather than a vehicle for the average driver.

The classic Mini car, which was a beloved family vehicle in the UK, served as the ideal option for budget-conscious personal transportation for a large number of buyers for several decades. Emerging during a fuel crisis, it was simple in looks, affordable to purchase, and economical in operations. This acclaim was largely attributed to its ingenious design crafted by Alec Issigonis. However, the brand transitioned to BMW Group ownership in the year of 2000, marking a significant shift in its trajectory.

The inaugural electric model transformed by David Brown Automotive impressively maintains the featherweight essence of the vehicle’s original gasoline counterpart, tipping the scales at just 1,411 pounds (approx. 650 kg). This lightweight design ensures agility as well as efficiency. Furthermore, the aforementioned battery pack of the vehicle boasts a swift charging capability, reaching up to 6.6 kW from an AC source in only 3 hours. In short, it provides convenience for eco-conscious drivers.

The battery-powered Mini eMastered is actually a masterpiece of handcrafted customization, tailor-made to each owner's desires. In other words, it stands as a true testament to personalized automotive craftsmanship as it has been meticulously handcrafted with an unwavering focus on individual preferences. It is crystal clear that it is designed for those who have a taste for the extraordinary.

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