New Mycle Cargo E-Bike launched with numerous exciting enhancements

New Mycle Cargo E-Bike launched with numerous exciting enhancements

British electric bicycle (e-bike) specialist Mycle recently announced the launch of its latest offering: the Mycle Cargo e-bike that boasts a number of exciting enhancements over the previous models. Equipped with enhanced components and a wide-ranging selection of optional accessories, the new Mycle Cargo e-bike claims to be an ideal personal electric mobility solution for urban areas. It has a digital display that comes as a standard feature for providing real-time information like speed and distance. There are five distinct assistance levels for the rider to choose from. The Tektro disc brakes of the e-bike brings it to a halt at a dime.

It has been engineered to impeccably accommodate passenger as well as cargo, thanks to its adaptable front and rear racks. It is seamlessly compatible with an array of Mycle-branded as well as third-party accessories. Its rear rack has load capacity of 125 kilograms, which is quite impressive. Moreover, it can be customized to serve as a child seat, cargo basket etc.

The British manufacturer’s official website states, “The Mycle Cargo has been innovatively designed with space in mind and comes equipped with rear racking, making this a practical solution for carrying luggage and everyday items. You could also mount a child seat or two and bring the kids along for the journey.”

The use of an aluminum frame enabled the manufacturer a lot in keeping the e-bike’s weight low, while low height and flexible handlebars assure comfort and confidence for the riders of various heights.

In response to the desires of the Mycle community, the scope of the Mycle-branded accessory range has been broadened to include the WeatherShield – a comprehensive protective enclosure that showcases a weather-resistant design. It also boasts waterproof and windproof attributes.

When it comes to performance, the new e-bike has received a 250-watt hub electric motor that features five varying levels of pedal assistance. To ensure an optimized pedalling alongside the e-motor, the manufacturer has integrated a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain. For power, the e-motor relies on a 15 amp-hour battery that is capable of storing enough power to deliver a range of up to 60 km (approx. 37 miles) on a single charge. Those who want an extended range can opt to add a secondary battery, which would double the range to 120 km (approx. 75 miles).

The Mycle Cargo e-bike with single battery is available for £2,299 (approx. US$2,900), while the extended-range version costs £2,799 (approx. US$3,500).