UK Gambling Commission announces plans to launch new industry forum

UK Gambling Commission announces plans to launch new industry forum

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) recently revealed its ground-breaking move to launch a new Industry Forum, a strategic initiative designed to provide the commission with invaluable insights into the operational issues & challenges faced by gambling service providers.

Making the revelation, Commission Chairperson Marcus Boyle said that they decided to launch the Industry Forum, which will featuring UK gambling industry stakeholders, to better understand the gaming industry's intricacies. By nurturing collaboration and dialogue within this forum, the UKGC seeks to enhance its oversight and regulatory measures, eventually ensuring a safer & more responsible gambling environment for one & all.

In a newly released statement, Boyle said, “We’ve always listened to the views of the industry when deciding how best to make progress but this new forum will give us another way to work with representatives from the industry we regulate.”

The Industry Forum is poised to serve as the UKGC’s channel for active participation of the industry through stakeholders and advisory groups, which will encompass entities like the Lived Experience Advisory Panel, the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling, and the Digital Advisory Panel. Apart from this, the Industry Forum's creation is intended to strengthen the gambling authority's bonds with consumer research endeavours, global regulatory bodies and research institutions. By strengthening these connections, the regulator anticipates gaining a more profound insights into industry trends and the effectiveness of existing regulations. In turn, the forum in question will offer stakeholders valuable perspectives on various topics, including account management and the Commission's data program, in addition to their participation in consultations for addressing industry-specific matters.

The Industry Forum, as reported, will comprise stakeholders hailing from the gaming industry’s diverse segments. These stakeholders will make the regulator aware about issues, challenges and other intricacies specific to the country’s gambling landscape. Armed with their industry expertise, the stakeholders will be acutely attuned to both the industry’s challenges and opportunities, which will enable them to offer valuable insights as well as recommendations.

The forthcoming establishment will reportedly comprise approx. ten members or representatives, presided over by the Forum's appointed Chairperson. The UKGC intends to select the Chairperson for a period of three years, with the recruitment process scheduled to commence in September 2023. Stakeholders will also be invited during the same month to submit their expressions of interest for membership in the new entity.

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